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Elle gets a lift from her friends when she applies to Harvard in "Legally Blonde." Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene
Elle gets a lift from her friends when she applies to Harvard in "Legally Blonde." Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

Lounging by the pool in a glittering pink bikini … that is so last summer. After her boyfriend dumps her, Elle Woods puts down her credit cards and picks up the books, ready to prove she’s the serious woman her ex needs by getting into Harvard Law School.

Watch her transformation in El Dorado Musical Theatre’s production of “Legally Blonde,” opening Feb. 15 at Three Stages in Folsom.

Elle proves to everyone, and herself, she’s a smart and confident woman, explained actress Heather Clark. The 21-year-old said she “absolutely loves the part” despite its 16 costume changes, lots of dancing and little down time.

“I almost never leave the stage,” Clark said. “The singing is very challenging because it’s very high belt and it’s constant.”

And wearing those stylishly high-heeled boots during dance numbers? No problem for a veteran actress who’s performed in more than 30 EDMT productions. “I’ve danced in 4 1/2-inch heels before,” Clark said. “Thank goodness I don’t have to do that this time.”

Elle’s encouragement while at Harvard comes from two very important people: best friend Paulette Bonafonte and Harvard grad Emmett Forrest.

Clark and actress Jillian Curry, 16, didn’t have trouble playing friends onstage. They’ve been close friends for five years. Curry calls Paulette “borderline crazy.” “She’s larger than life,” she explained. “She’s not an average person. (During the show) you go bigger and bigger.”

Curry also sings on stage and wears higher heels than Clark (but, thankfully, doesn’t dance as much).

The two actresses also spend a lot of time with “Legally Blonde’s” four-legged stars: Jagger Minnie, who plays Elle’s sidekick Bruiser, and Kiki King, a three-year-old Frenglish Bulldog who plays Paulette’s beloved Rufus. When they’re not showering their dogs with affection, their hearts turn to the men in their lives.

Though Elle is set on winning Warner Huntington III (Andrew Wilson) back she ultimately finds real romance with Emmett. Actor Jonathan Cranmer, 18, calls Emmett sweet, “a great example for young guys.”

“As he says in the show, he grew up in the Roxbury slums of Massachusetts and has to work hard to pay his way through law school,” Cranmer explained. “He meets Elle Woods and takes an immediate interest in her. He helps her study and, more importantly, helps her realize her full potential.”

Emmett also sings and dances throughout the show and, Cramner said, he does a “super-fast change” during his big number “Take it Like a Man.”

OK, so there’s a lot of pink, high heels, singing and dancing … that doesn’t mean guys won’t love “Legally Blonde.” Curry and Clark point to the guy humor throughout the play. Cranmer points out the gorgeous girls. “Also, it’s a great date show,” he said. “Guys, bring your girlfriends or wives.”

“Legally Blonde is directed and choreographed by Debbie Wilson with vocal director Jennifer Wittmayer and costumer Christine Martorana. The show is rated PG-13.

Elle Woods (Heather Clark); Emmett Forrest (Jonathan Cranmer); Paulette Bonafonte (Jillian Curry); Warner Huntington III (Andrew Wison); Professor Callahan (David Bryant); Brooke Wyndham (Anjie Rose); Vivienne Kensington (Kaileen Teter); Serena (Olivia Kaufmann); Margot (Carly Speno); Pilar (Julia Adams); Kyle O’Boyle (Taylor Presnall); Enid Hoopes (Micah Long); Aaron Schultz (Quintin Casl); Sundeep Padamadan (Zack Collins); Chutney (Bethany Wheat); Grandmaster Chand (Taylor Presnall); Nikos Argitakos (Zack Collins); Carlos (Alex Levy); Winthrop (CJ Noble); Lowell (Dylan Gray); Profzheimer (Brandon Karrer); Judge (Emily Martorana); Elle’s Dad (Alex Levy); Elle’s Mom (Laura Allen); Dewey (Alex Levy); DA Joyce Riley (Cassie King); Whitnet (Rikki Pratt); Courtney (Megan Martorana); Store Manager (Jenna Lillywhite); TV Reporter (Dylan Gray); Guard (Justin Harvey); Bailiff (Stephen Noble); H&H Salesgirl (Laura Allen); H&H Perfume Girl (Sophia Flores); Kiki the Colorist (Zach Wilson); Delta Nus: Kate (Nicole Sevey); Gaelan (Samantha Teter); Jessie (Jenna Sharp); Leilani (Kelly Maur), along with Alexis Vasile, Allie Frew, Anjie Rose, Christina Vasile, Isabella Fay, Kiersten Hunter, Madeline Kramer and Madison Sykes; Students: Ally Dietz, Avery Speel, Lexie Loos and Zaara Little.

“Legally Blonde”
What: El Dorado Musical Theatre presents Legally Blonde.

When: Feb. 15 through March 3. Showtimes are 7 p.m. Friday; 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; and a special bargain performance at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21.

Where: Three Stages at Folsom Lake College, 10 College Parkway in Folsom.

Tickets: Tickets are $18 to $28 per person with premium seats at $36. On the special bargain night, Feb. 21, all seats are $14.75. Purchase them at threestages.net.

Information: For more information about EDMT and its productions visit edmt.info

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