Congratulations Class of 2012

TROJANS ONE LAST TIME — Oak Ridge High School sent off its Class of 2012 Friday evening. Seniors celebrated the event in style with leis, bedazzled grad caps and a big thumbs up.

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Posted by on May 26 2012.
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  1. KimItemMinistries

    It was a beautiful O.R.H.S Ceremony. Well done!! Very organized. The speeches were great by the teacher, students, All involved. The choir/soloist singers & the high school Musicians were All AWSOME too!! I loved the songs, wonderful! All the graduates speaking in the microphone BEFORE the ceremony were all wonderful, serious, touching, and some very funny to listen to as we waited patiently. Loved It!..
    BUT- Sadly, to all the parents, family, guest and people who SO rudely got up and left the ceremony before it ended [as it was obvious YOUR CHILD had been called]- What were you thinking? Manners? A little self-control, & respect for others who’s graduate had NOT been called! Sadly, very very sadly, you all who left early because you were being selfish, Yes, You-in the beginning, and even You-mid ceremony…All of you unfortunately interrupted everyone else who was still sitting quietly straining to hear our own graduates name to be called, yes, waiting for their own graduate to be called, and WE ALL could not hear since You and your whole family, and families were So Rudely packing up, and moving out of the bleachers, stadiums and making so much noise and blocking our views as we who were waiting waited quietly and patiently for our own graduate to be called by name. Shame On All of you! All of you who rudely left BEFORE the last student speaker, staff person had even spoken. The time and effort O.R.H.S. had put into this graduation ceremony deserved a little more respect than they got! Even as So many of you in hordes were leaving. Leaving during and even before the last words, speeches had been given to the O.R.H.S. graduating class. Yes, well planned and well thought out by the student(s) and O.R.H.S. staff who saw you all leaving. Yes, only saw your backs leaving with your backs to them, yes, leaving the O.R.H.S grounds as you were laughing and talking and making so much noise, and being so rude. Yes, I Saw hordes of you leaving, and you know who you are. You left too soon. I am sure many have a Good excuse. Fine! But almost half the O.R.H.S. stadium leaving? & just as your own child’s name had been called? Leaving, many of you from the start of each of the graduates names who had been called to the finishing of each of the names called… Just plain RUDENESS!!!
    I have been to other graduations [out of this town] and NEVER have I seen this happen, Ever!
    I hope this stops, and the WHOLE graduation class, staff, speakers for the WHOLE time @ future O.R.H.S. graduation ceremonies get the respect they So deserve next time! And in the years to come! Stay seated until the last credits are read, on the Big O.R.H.S~ “Movie Production Screen”!

    O Lord, Have Mercy! How will our children learn-if we don’t teach them, BY EXAMPLE!
    Kim Item@ KimItemMinistries

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