Alan Day: A challenger with a message

Alan Day

Alan Day is “mad as (heck), and he’s not going take it anymore.”

That’s what his campaign Website says. Day is running for El Dorado Irrigation District’s Division 5 director post. A 15-year resident of El Dorado Hills, Day says his EID bills were a shock back then, and now rates “have gone through the roof.”

In a wide-ranging phone interview Thursday morning as well as e-mail queries, Day described the goals of his candidacy as primarily aimed at  fiscal prudence. Day faults the current board for near-profligate spending which translates to higher water and sewer bills for the district’s ratepayers.

“Here we are so close to the source: the American River, the Sierra and yet we pay more for our water and sewer than seemingly everyone else in the state … Something is just not right,” Day says on the Website.

Citing five goals to pursue if elected, Day advocates for a “targeted forensic audit” to investigate the district “to find out what is really going on and where we stand.” And he wants it done by an accounting firm with no ties or “pre-existing relationships with EID.” Such audits are more comprehensive and look at systems and operations as well as “numbers” on a spreadsheet. “It’s worth looking at all the systems and operations for efficiency and where to save money,” Day said.

He said the district built excess capacity back during the good economic times. Growth was anticipated and projected at rates that are no longer imaginable, but “we’re having to pay for it, for excess capacity that may not be needed for decades in the future or maybe never.”

In addition, he is pushing for “less smoke and mirrors, improved transparency and more opportunity for public input, including some meetings in the evening that people can actually attend, not just Monday morning meetings,” his campaign states.

His final stated goal is to “slow down EID spending, debt and rate increases.”

Day is the owner of Ladybuglawn, a landscape care, maintenance and repair company operating in Folsom and El Dorado Hills. He has a degree in Business Administration from San Jose State and a passion for water and gardening and is a Master Gardener.

Editor’s note— Mr. Day declined to meet with the Mountain Democrat editorial board and wasn’t available to be interviewed by a reporter until yesterday.

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