Beyonce teams with Dr. Phil to save mom, eight puppies

The Grace Foundation and Dr. Phil saved this Jindo and her puppies. Photo by Lisa Van Dyke, EDDOG

Tiny pup Beyonce’s mission to save the lives of other homeless dogs and cats was put into action when her rescue group, The Grace Foundation of Northern California, received a call from a family friend of Dr Phil.

Dr. Phil had received information about a Jindo (Korean breed of dog) with eight puppies that were slated to be euthanized at Carson Animal Control in Southern California. The Jindo breed is near and dear to Dr Phil’s heart as it is the same breed as his own beloved rescue dog. Like thousands of dogs in the country that wind up at animal control agencies pregnant or having just birthed, this liter was slated to be put to sleep simply because they were too young to be taken away from their mom and animal control did not have the space or staffing to hold onto them until they were old enough to be adopted out.

At Dr. Phil’s request The Grace Foundation was contacted. Dr. Phil offered to pay for the mom and pups if Grace would be willing to rescue them. The Grace Foundation immediately contacted Carson animal control who agreed to stop the euthanasia that was schedule for the same day and allow Grace to pull the dogs. The very next morning a member of Dr. Phil’s immediate family and a family friend went down to Carson animal control and paid the nearly $1,000 in fees required to have the dogs released and then paid a transport company to deliver the mom and her tiny pups 350 miles to the Grace Foundation ranch.

Today the puppies and mom are healthy and doing great in the care of a Grace foster family.

“We hope that people can be made aware of Dr. Phil’s heroic effort to save the lives of these innocent and voiceless animals. So many people feel that they are too busy or do not believe that they can make a difference, when in fact we all have the ability to create miracles,” said Beth DeCaprio executive director and founder of The Grace Foundation. “I cannot imagine the busy schedule of Dr. Phil and all that he is responsible for in a day, but in the midst of his busy life he found the time to save the lives of 9 animals, each and every one of us can learn from this selfless act.”

A couple of days after the rescue Dr. Phil ended his show by bringing his own Jindo dog on stage. With a backdrop photo of the mom and puppies Dr. Phil shared the story of the rescue. On his facebook page twice as many people commented on the puppies as they did on Cuba Gooding Jr., who was the guest on the show the same day.

“Typically stories about shelter animals are shown in the media with the images of homeless animals in cages that tear at the heart of even the toughest of people. Tiny Beyonce story has helped to show the happy side of rescue pets” said DeCaprio.

Since Beyonce’s mission began six weeks ago more than 100 dogs, moms and pups have been saved from death. This adds to the more than 10,000 animals The Grace Foundation has rescued and rehabilitated since it was founded in 2004.

The Jindo mom puppies will be up adoption when the pups reach eight weeks of age and have been spayed and neutered. The Grace Foundation is currently accepting applications for these puppies and the dozens of other animals.

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