Blanket making event benefits the elderly

Hands4Hope volunteers make blankets in Oak Ridge’s cafeteria. The warm and cozy fleece throws will be donated to local seniors. Photo by Samita Dutta

Sleeping in on a Sunday morning? Not for Hands4Hope youth volunteers. Students, kindergarteners to high school seniors, spent Sunday morning tying blankets and setting up care packages for seniors at the Twin Lakes Food Bank.

“I’ve always wanted to do an event that benefits the elderly .. .and I decided to put on this blanket making event,” explained Kirsti Buckendorf, president of the Hands4Hope club at Oak Ridge High School. “It’s important to do this because it will spread inspiration and encourage others to participate in outreach.”

The event made an impression on youth volunteer Sarah Reinhart, who said it’s important to remember that the elderly need help too. “A lot of people think that the elderly don’t need help but they do because they are unable to work,” Reinhart said. “I feel like I’m doing a good thing by creating these packages to help them.”

“The impact of making these blankets will be great because the elderly are losing money. They don’t even use their heating. The blankets and food will be helpful to them,” added Inga Buckendorf, the adult lead at the event.

Hands4Hope, a local youth organization, follows the mission of: “Grow the next generation of socially responsible citizens by engaging youth in community outreach.” The organization currently has more than 1,100 members from various schools across the county.

“I like Hands4Hope because I can be active while helping others,” said volunteer Chieme Ohanele. “I can be productive and help the community.”

Inga said, “Hands4Hope is a great organization because it lets kids know what’s really out there … and it lets them know that they can make a difference.”

For more information about Hands4Hope visit hands4hopeyouth.org.

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