Serrano standoff ends peaceably

Medics load an unidentified man into an ambulance following a standoff in Serrano. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

Medics load an unidentified man into an ambulance following a standoff in Serrano. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

An El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department crisis negotiator talked a distraught and bloodied man out of a Serrano home at 7:45 Wednesday morning, ending a standoff that placed more than 30 law enforcement officers in the upscale El Dorado Hills neighborhood.

The confrontation began at approximately 5:30 a.m. when a woman living at a Hearst Court home placed a “hysterical” 911 call to report that a man at the residence was threatening suicide, according to El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Brian Golmitz. Over the next hour officers with the Sheriff’s Department, Office of Emergency Services and a SWAT team arrived at the scene, got other residents out of the house and notified neighbors to stay inside.

Law enforcement officers work the scene where a man, said to be suicidal, barricaded himself into a home. Officers were able to talk him down. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

The man emerged from 7102 Hearst Court in El Dorado Hills at least twice, brandishing what appeared to be large kitchen knives, Golmitz said. The lieutenant described the man’s cutlery antics in the driveway as “posturing.” At one point deputies tried to subdue the man with a bean-bag gun, but he fled back into the house.

The SWAT team crisis negotiating team took over, got the subject on the phone and eventually talked him out of the house peaceably. He had blood on his shirt, but appeared otherwise uninjured, said Golmitz, who added that the blood could be from a bean-bag or a self-inflicted knife wound not obviously visible. The subject was taken to Marshall Hospital in Placerville for examination. His identity has not been released.

The owner of the Hearst Court property where the standoff occurred is listed as Wayne Carsey Jr.

More than 30 law enforcement officers and the media converged on the scene. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

Witnesses at the scene said the man appeared to be between 20 and 25 years old. Neighbors had seen the man in the driveway of the Serrano home unloading a green car the prior day, but said they didn’t think he lived there. They conjectured that he was a boyfriend of the homeowner’s daughter.

Afterward, Golmitz reflected that although the standoff might have looked messy, “It was actually picture perfect,” he said. “Any time we can talk someone out of the house without anyone getting hurt it’s a good day.”

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