Candidates busy raising money

Election hopefuls are in the process of adding to their war chests using cash and in-kind contributions, fund raising and loans to finance their campaigns.

As of March, this is what candidates have raised and spent according to filings with the California Secretary of State or the El Dorado County Elections Department.

Elected department heads

In the race for District Attorney, candidate Judson Henry raised $4,218 and spent $3,600. He has since withdrawn from the race. Incumbent DA Vern Pierson has raised $3,700 and spent $3,668.

In the race for Auditor-Controller, challenger Mike Owen has raised $6,721 and spent $4,799. Incumbent Auditor-Controller Joe Harn has raised $43,920 and spent $20,204.

In the race for Clerk-Recorder, challenger Chris Amaral has raised $2,000 with his only expense being the filing fee. His sole contribution was a $2,000 loan to himself. Incumbent Clerk-Recorder Bill Schultz has raised $200 with his sole expense being the filing fee plus $50. The $200 is a loan he made to himself.

In the race for Treasurer-Tax Collector, challenger and Board of Supervisors member Ron Briggs has raised $3,000 so far in the form of a loan to himself which he used to pay his filing fee. As of April 10, Briggs said he had done no other fund raising. In addition he has an open election committee from when he last ran as county supervisor in which he made a loan to himself of almost $75,000. However, his campaign disclosure statement only shows a cash balance of $33.45. Incumbent Treasurer-Tax Collector Cherie Raffety has raised $22,000 and spent $3,172. The $22,000 consists of loans Raffety has made to herself.

Incumbents running unchallenged include Assessor Rich Briner who has raised nothing and only paid his filing fee. Assessor Karl Weiland  has raised and spent $1,278. Sheriff D’Agostini has raised $28,640 and spent $28,049.

Superintendent of Schools Jeremy Meyers is another incumbent who is running unopposed. He has raised $10,800 and spent $2,053. Almost half of his contributions have come from his staff including: Francie Heim, who is a consultant and former employee of the county office of education who gave $500; Chris Hoffman, district superintendent, who gave $150; Marcy Guthrie, district superintendent, who gave $150; Coleen Johnson, executive director, who gave $500; Robbie Montalbano, associate superintendent, who gave $1,000; David Publicover, executive director, who gave $500; Elizabeth Blakemore, coordinator, who gave $100; Betsy Christ, executive director, who gave $250; Amy Anderson, director, who gave $100; Ed Manansala, associate superintendent, who gave $1,000; Kaye Medellin, executive director, who gave $150; David Toston, executive director, who gave $200; Tamara Clay, director, who gave $200; and Logan Lemming, director, who gave $100. Other donations came from a law office and a company.

Supervisor race — District 4

In the race for supervisor in District 4,  Scott McNeil has raised $44,558 and spent $38,701.

Tim Palmer has raised $867 and has spent $2,449.

Lori Parlin has raised $14,129 and spent $12,300.

Howard Penn has raised $11,956 and spent $10,277.

Michael Pettibone has raised $8,175 and spent $7,313.

Winston Pingrey has raised $10,606 and spent $10,120.

Michael Ranalli has raised $19,536 and spent $24,976.

David Souza has raised $2,999 all in the form of contributions to himself. He has spent $2,999.

Supervisor race — District 5

In the race for supervisor in District 5, Kevin Brown has raised $9,713 and spent $4,384.

Gerri Grego has raised $10,985 and spent $11,606.

Sue Novasel has raised $2,800 and spent $3,880.

Teresa Piper has raised $3,292 and spent $1,224.

Angela Swanson has raised $4,462 and spent $25.

Kenneth Curtzwiler hasn’t filed any information with the El Dorado Elections Department regarding contributions or expenses as they are under the spending limit. However, in a phone call, he said he has received $149 in contributions and has only paid his filing fee. Candidates who pay their own filing fees don’t have to declare them as an expense.


Vicki Ashworth, who is running for Judge of the Superior Court, Office 1, has raised $28,976 and has spent $22,099.

Running against her is David Combellack who has raised $32,207 and spent $17,971. The third contestant is Joseph Weinberger who has raised $29,692 and spent $23,729.

Incumbent Judge in Office 3 is Suzanne Kingsbury. Running unopposed, she has reported no contributions or expenses.

Incumbent Judge in Office 4 is Steven Bailey. Running unopposed, so far he has raised $5,000 and spent $4,125.

Joseph Hoffman, who is running for Judge in Office 5 has raised $16,113 and spent $5,534. Running against him is Dylan Mary Sullivan. She has raised $45,082 and spent $17,098. (These figures are for 2014 only.)

Incumbent Judge of Office 6 is James Wagoner. Running unopposed, he has reported no contributions or expenses.

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