Colver trial: Angels, demons and Witt’s multiple personalities

STEVEN COLVER looks to Tylar Witt, already seated at the witness stand, as he enters the courtroom Thursday morning. Village Life photo by Krysten Kellum

STEVEN COLVER looks to Tylar Witt, already seated at the witness stand, as he enters the courtroom Thursday morning. Village Life photo by Krysten Kellum

Confessed killer Tylar Marie Witt apparently wasn’t the only one who needed the adoration of her former boyfriend Steven “Boston” Colver, as the 16-year-old testified Wednesday that supernatural beings living inside of her would have died if she lost her lover.

Colver, 21, is charged with the 2009 first-degree murder of Witt’s mother, Joanne. Last year, Witt pleaded guilty to her mother’s slaying as part of a deal with prosecutors.

On Wednesday, Witt was called to the witness stand to testify against the man she was, at one point, prepared to die for.

During the cross-examination of the witness, Tylar discussed more than her love for Colver, revealing that her body is also inhabited by both an angel and a demon.

The demon, a female being from Hell named “Toby,” manifests herself during times of extreme stress, Witt testified.

“She’s cold, holds just about everyone in contempt,” the teen testified. “Human emotions are below her.

“She came out to deal with things because she could. Nothing could hurt her worse than going back to hell.”

Also living inside of her, according to Tylar, is an angel, “Alex.”

“Three souls crowded in one body,” she quipped.

And those three souls, according to the girl, needed to be with Colver or else all would die. “Toby” had even developed a crush on Colver, said Tylar.

Witt testified that she was prone to extended blackouts caused by “Toby” or “Alex.” During this blackouts, the demon would take control of her actions, she said.

To date, Tylar said she still converses with “Toby.” In fact, the two continue to talk about the murder case, she testified.

Witt was on the stand for several hours Wednesday, many of them spent answering questions from Colver’s defense attorney, Dain Weiner.

Weiner previously told jurors that Tylar acted alone in killing her mother.

During the cross-examination, Witt appeared at times flustered and dismissive.

The teen’s credibility was called into question by the attorney, as Weiner got Tylar to admit that she previously lied during pre-trial testimony and interviews with authorities.

She also had a great deal of difficulty recalling certain aspects of the decision to kill her mother, as she did not remember who first suggested the teens commit the murder.

Once the decision to kill Joanne Witt was made, though, Tylar told jurors that she was able to continue on with her day in a normal fashion.

The murder, she said, was necessary to make sure she and Colver stayed together.

“What happened was not done out of hate,” she testified.

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