Colver trial: Tylar Witt takes the stand

Tylar Witt is escorted to the courtroom. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

Tylar Witt is escorted to the courtroom. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

Tylar Marie Witt, the 16-year-old former lover of murder suspect Steven “Boston” Colver, was called by prosecutors Wednesday morning to testify against the man she was once willing to kill for.

Witt, who last year pleaded guilty to her mother Joanne Witt’s 2009 murder, stoically recalled the first time she met Colver, now 21, at El Dorado Hills Town Center.

What began as a friendship, though, quickly blossomed into a romance between the two teenagers.

“I trusted him more than I trusted anyone,” Tylar said. “And I loved him more than anybody or anything. If he told me to jump off a bridge and I asked him why and he said ‘Just trust me,’ I would have done it.”

Tylar said Colver was able to charm her mother, Joanne, to the point where the single mother invited the then-19-year-old to move into the Witts’ El Dorado Hills home, believing him to be her daughter’s gay best friend.

But when Joanne Witt learned that Colver was having sex with her underage daughter, she told him to leave the family alone or else she would contact authorities, an ultimatum Tylar said made her “very, very mad.”

“I didn’t want him to go to jail,” she testified. “I couldn’t go through life without him.”

Tylar said she and Colver continued to see one another behind her mother’s back and that the two of them contemplated running away together.

But as El Dorado County sheriff’s detectives continued to question the young couple about Joanne Witt’s allegations of statutory rape, Tylar told jurors that she and Colver realized more drastic measures should be taken.

“We had talked about (suicide) before,” said Tylar. “We were thinking about a Romeo and Juliet scenario. (Colver) said it was only a last resort.”

On the afternoon of June 11, 2009, Tylar said she learned that Joanne Witt had delivered her daughter’s journal detailing the sexual relationship the then-14-year-old had with Colver to authorities.

“She told me she was disappointed in me because I didn’t tell detectives the truth, so that’s why she handed over the diary,” said Tylar.

Fearing her lover would soon be arrested, Tylar said she called Colver and began plotting their suicides.

“I told him I didn’t want to die in El Dorado Hills,” she said. “I wanted to die in a place where I didn’t have any bad memories.”

Settling on San Francisco, the couple decided to skip town and kill themselves on what would have been their three months and three weeks anniversary together, Tylar said.

But Tylar said there was hitch in their plans: Joanne Witt.

“We had to make sure my mother didn’t tell the police,” said Tylar.

Witt testified that she called Colver over to her house on the evening of June 11, 2009, after her mother went to bed.

Colver, she said, had stolen a large chef’s knife from work. Tylar said she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and that the two crept up the stairs toward her mother’s bedroom.

Tylar testified that Colver approached Joanne Witt’s bed and preformed a stabbing motion.

“I was waiting for it to start, for the noise to start,” she said.

But Tylar said she couldn’t follow through with the killing and waited outside the bedroom.

“I put my hands on my ears, closed my eyes and hummed,” she testified.

The girl said Colver then left the bedroom, a “teardrop” of blood under his eye, and stood at the top of the stairs.

“I got up, I hugged him, I told him everything was going to be OK,” she said.

Tylar then said she grabbed a bag of clothes and the couple left the home on Tattinger Court in El Dorado Hills, headed for San Francisco.

This story will be updated as the afternoon progresses.

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