Cameron Park Crime Watch: April 2013

The following information was taken from El Dorado County sheriff’s reports:

April 1: Deputies reported to a fight on Cimmarron Road. No one was arrested but information was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

Lost keys
April 2: A thief entered an unlocked vehicle parked on La Crescenta Drive and stole a set of keys.

Mail swiped
April 2: Someone stole mail from a Santos Circle mailbox.

Easy access
April 2: A thief stole items from an unlocked vehicle parked on Sudbury Road.

Pretty petty
April 4: A petty theft was reported on Heights Drive.

Red rider
April 4:  A red bicycle was found on Cambridge Road and taken to the Sheriff’s Department for safekeeping.

Tablet taken
April 5: Someone broke into a vehicle parked on Cimmarron Road and stole an e-reader tablet.

Open door
April 5: A thief stole items from an unlocked vehicle parked on Coach Lane.

On camera
April 5: An unidentified woman stole a purse left inside an unlocked vehicle parked on Green Valley Road. The incident was captured on video.

Purse picked through
April 5: A woman reported that someone stole items from her purse while she shopped at a Palmer Drive store.

Bike swiped
April 5: Someone stole a bicycle left on the front porch of a Cambridge Road apartment.

Dine and dash
April 6: Four Hispanic men reportedly ate at a Coach Lane restaurant and left without paying the check.

Rolled away
April 6: A petty theft was reported on Rolls Drive.

Break in
April 6: Burglars forced entry into a Yuma Court home and stole items.

More trouble on Cimmarron
April 8: A vehicle burglary was reported on Cimmarron Road.

New low
April 8: Someone stole a breathing apparatus left in a vehicle parked on Heights Drive.

Booze run
April 9: Three unidentified men reportedly stole alcohol from a Palmer Drive business.

April 10: A petty theft was reported at a Country Club Drive apartment complex.

April 11: Thieves entered a Merrychase Drive school bus yard and stole batteries from multiple buses.

Suspects ID’d
April 11: An identified suspect reportedly brandished a know and vandalized at Cambridge Road resident’s vehicle.

Another open door
April 12: A thief stole items left in an unlocked vehicle parked on Emerald Court.

Scratcher snatcher
April 13: An unknown suspect stole $840 worth of lottery scratchers from a Coach Lane business.

Busy vandals
April 13: Vandalism was reported on Garden Circle.

More theft
April 15: Someone stole items from a vehicle parked on Country Club Drive.

A heap of trouble
April 15: A 17-year-old boy reportedly shoplifted from a Coach Lane business. An off-duty officer witnessed the crime and confronted the boy; a physical altercation occurred. The suspect was also allegedly in possession of drug paraphernalia.

More trouble on Garden
April 16: A petty theft was reported on Garden Circle.

Funny money
April 17: An unidentified suspect tried to use a counterfeit $20 bill at a Coach Lane business. The suspect fled before deputies arrived.

Bad paint job
April 18: Someone reportedly poured paint on and slashed a tire of a vehicle parked on Los Santos Drive, causing about $2,500 in damages.

Strewn about
April 18: A thief entered a Ridgepass Drive home’s detached garage and stole several items. Some of the items were later found on the property.

More burglary
April 18: A residential burglar was reported on Osborne Road.

Out of order
April 18: A vehicles passenger was arrested after he reportedly became disorderly during a traffic stop on Sabana Drive.

Unlucky day
April 19: A 20-year-old man reportedly stole a large stack of lottery tickets from a Cameron Park Drive convenience store. Deputies later caught the suspect.

Rx gone
April 19: An Oxford Road resident reported her prescription medication stolen by a possibly known suspect.

Park and steal
April 19: A woman reported that someone stole her vehicle’s catalytic converter while the car was parked at a Cambridge Road park and ride.

Vandal on the run
April 21: Witnesses spotted a vandal damaging an Alhambra Drive business but the suspect fled before deputies arrived.

Gym break in
April 21: Someone burglarized a Greenwood Lane fitness center.

Another burglary
April 23: A residential burglary was reported on Quad Lane.

What’s the point?
April 23: Someone broke into a vehicle parked on Gailey Circle but nothing was stolen.

Lock the car
April 23: Thieves stole items from unlocked vehicles parked on Tri Lane and Greenwood Lane.

Come on in
April 23: A thief entered a La Crescenta Drive apartment through an unlocked door and stole several items.

Bottle shock
April 24: Two men reportedly fought on Bass Lake Road and the fight ended with one man hitting the other in the face with a glass bottle, causing injuries that required medical attention.

Not playing around
April 25: Someone vandalized play equipment at a Greenwood Lane preschool.

April 25: A 20 year-old man allegedly vandalized an Alhambra Drive front yard after being denied access to the home.

Burglars back
Aril 26: A burglary was reported on Knollwood Drive.

Could be a slow getaway
April 26: Someone stole a Segway from the back of a vehicle parked on Coach Lane.

Cash grab
April 27: A thief slipped into a Coach Lane hotel room through an open window and stole $160.

April 27: Deputies arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of public intoxication and violating his probation by consuming alcohol on Green Valley Road.

April 28: Someone damaged several mailboxes on Fairway Drive.

April 28: A Woodleigh Drive resident discovered her vehicle’s back window busted.

Big bill
April 28: An unknown vandal caused about $6,000 worth of damage to a vehicle parked on Knollwood Drive.

April 28: A Woodleigh Court resident reported that a known suspect threw eggs at his residence.

More trouble on Knollwood
April 29: Two vandalism reports were taken on Knollwood Drive.

Busy vandals
April 29: More vandalism was reported on Justin Woods Court.

April 29: An unidentified thief took items from a Goldorado Plaza business.

Royal pain
April 29: A Royal Drive resident reported that someone slashed her vehicle’s tire.

Not so divine
April 30: Three unidentified juveniles vandalized a Merrychase Drive church.

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