Cameron Park Crime Watch: August 2013

The following information was taken from El Dorado County sheriff’s reports:

Too young
Aug. 1: A 17-year-old boy received a citation after he allegedly stole a bottle of alcohol from a Coach Lane business.

Aug. 2 : A petty theft was reported on De Sabla Road.

Aug. 2: A burglary was reported on Greenwood Lane.

Aug. 3: A thief broke into a vehicle parked on Coach Lane and stole numerous items.

Beer run
Aug. 3: An unidentified suspect stole alcohol from the Cameron Park Safeway.

Vehicle targeted
Aug. 4: A thief stole items from a vehicle parked on Boeing Road.

Open door
Aug. 4: Someone entered a Boeing Road home through an unlocked door and stole $50 worth of coins.

Meds gone
Aug. 4: A thief stole medication from an unlocked vehicle parked on Hacienda Road.

Aug. 8: A vehicle burglary was reported on Hacienda Road.

Through the screen
Aug. 9: A burglar cut a Green Glen home’s window screen to gain access to the house. A computer and jewelry were stolen.

Pay up
Aug. 10: A 34-year-old woman received a citation after she hired a service to driver her to a Cameron park Drive location and reportedly refused to pay the $122 bill.

Too much
Aug. 11: Deputies arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of public drunkenness after finding the suspect in front of a Colina Court home.

That stinks
Aug. 11: Unknown suspects smeared feces on a van parked on Pasada Road.

Office supplies
Aug. 12: Someone stole a laptop and tools from a work van parked on Cimmarron Road.

Unknown caller
Aug. 12: A cell phone was reported stolen from a vehicle parked on Alhambra Drive.

A grudge?
Aug. 12: A Winterhaven Court resident reported that someone keyed her car and possibly poisoned her dog a few months back.

Dumpster diving
Aug. 14: Deputies detained a 47-year-old man with outstanding warrants reportedly stealing from a Coach Lane trash bin. While in the patrol car the suspect allegedly dumped drugs he had in his pocket.

Repeat offender
Aug. 15: A 53-year-old woman identified by a Coach Lane business’ employees as a shoplifter on previous occasions was stopped by deputies outside the stare and allegedly in possession of more stolen property.

Vandals busy
Aug. 16: Several vehicles parked on Wilkinson Road were vandalized.

Trouble in the lot
Aug. 17: Someone vandalized a Palmer Drive parking lot.

Easy access
Aug. 18: A thief stole multiple items from an unlocked vehicle parked on Country Club Drive.

More vandalism
Aug. 19: Vandals damaged Cameron Park Community Services District property on Cambridge Road.

Aug. 19: An unidentified man stole tow demo iPhones from a Palmer Drive business.

Purse pilfered
Aug. 20: Someone stole a purse and other items left in a vehicle parked on Arthur Court.

Forget something?
Aug. 22: A thief entered an unlocked vehicle parked on La Crescenta Drive and stole two keys; however, the suspect left behind a cell phone.

Weapon gone
Aug. 23: A firearm was reported stolen on Coach Lane.

On camera
Aug. 24: Two suspects burglarized and vandalized a Cameron Park Drive business. A security camera recorded the criminal activity.

Aug. 26: Someone broke a Coach Lane business’ door but could not gain entry.

Hot in here
Aug. 28: A Green Glen Road resident reported an air-conditioning unit stolen from a home.

Aug. 28: Deputies arrested a 14-year-old boy who allegedly stole a bottle of pills from a Coach Lane business

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