Cameron Park Crime Watch: July 2013

The following information was taken from El Dorado County sheriff’s reports:

Wallet found
July 1: Someone turned in a wallet found near a Coach Lane business.

July 2: A petty theft was reported on La Crescenta Drive.

Vandals strike
July 2: Vandalism was reported on Rustic Road.

Tween fight
July 2: A woman reported a fight between her 12-year-old daughter and another girl on Mira Loma Drive.

Sharp violation
July 3: Deputies on La Crescenta Drive arrested a man on suspicion of possessing an illegal knife and public intoxication.

July 3: A 16-year-old boy on Green Valley Road was arrested on suspicion of possession of fireworks.

Who are you?
July 4: A 29-year-old man contacted on Green Valley Road allegedly gave officers a false name. The suspect was arrested for an out-of-county warrant.

Converter stolen
July 5: A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked on Mira Loma Drive.

Go-cart gone
July 6: A Los Santos Drive resident reported a go-cart stolen from his driveway.

Here’s your citation
July 7: Deputies cited and released a 44-year-old man suspected of petty theft on Green Valley Road.

Probation violation
July 7: Deputies on Cambridge Road arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of possession of narcotics, a violation of the suspect’s probation.

July 8: Burglars took items from a Knollwood Drive home.

Too much
July 9: A 37-year-old woman on Coach Lane  was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.

Follow orders
July 10: Deputies arrested a 23-year-old man on Cameron Park Drive after the suspect refused to comply with the officers’ orders.

July 10: A 55-year-old man on Cameron park Drive was arrested ion suspicion of public intoxication.

Fake name
July 11: A 22-year-old man contacted by deputies on Royal Park Drive reportedly gave a false name. The suspect was arrested after his true identity and some outstanding warrants were discovered.

Pop, pow!
July 11: A resident turned over a bag of firecrackers found on Merrychase Drive.

Break in
July 12: A vehicle burglary was reported on Covello Circle.

Vandals back
July 12: Vandalism was reported on La Canada Drive.

July 12: Two men, ages 30 and 53, reportedly got into a fight on Green Valley Road.

Teen in trouble
July 15: A 16-year-old girl received a citation after allegedly trying to steal items from a Coach Lane business.

Pot bust
July 15: Deputies contacted a 23-year-old man on Palmer Drive and reportedly found the suspect in possession of 1.71 grams of marijuana.

Leave her alone
July 17: A man was arrested after he allegedly harassed and inappropriately touched a 10-year-old girl on Cimmarron Road.

Saw swiped
July 17: A thief broke into a Twin Oaks Road carport and stole a chain saw.

July 18: A Rustic Road resident reported a generator stolen from his garage.

Bag grabbed
July 18: Someone stole a duffel bag left inside a vehicle parked on Wentworth Road.

Unwelcome advances
July 18: An unidentified man, possibly masturbating, reportedly tried to solicit lewd acts from a woman at Cameron Park Lake. The woman refused and the suspect fled in a vehicle.

While you were sleeping
July 19: Burglars broke into a La Crescenta Drive apartment and stole items while the residents slept.

July 22: Someone stole an ATM/credit card machine from a Robin Lane business.

Missing something?
July 23: A wallet was found on Country Club Drive.

Naked wrist
July 24: A thief stole a bracelet from an Oakwood Road home.

Easy access
July 24: Thieves took several items left in an unlocked vehicle parked on Coach Lane.

He said, he said
July 24: Two men ages 45 and 51, on Riesling Circle accused each other of attempted assault with their vehicles and making threats.

Gone batty
July 26: A 51-year-old man with a baseball bat on La Crescenta Drive allegedly threatened another man, who feared for his safety and pressed charges.

July 26: Thieves smashed a Green Valley Road cigarette shop’s window and stole merchandise.

July 26: A Wood Lane resident reported a ring missing.

Shopping spree
July 28: Someone stole a woman’s wallet from her purse and a Coach Lane business and later used the victim’s credit cards, charging more than $4,000 to her account.

Big haul
July 29: Burglars broke into a Green Valley Road business, causing $569 in damage and stealing more than $4,200 worth of items.

Open doors
July 29: Thieves stole items from two unlocked vehicles parked on Fairway Drive.

Car full of trouble
July 31: Deputies initiated a traffic stop on Green Valley Road and reportedly found the driver had a suspended license and both the driver and the passenger were in possession of a controlled substance and had warrants out for their arrests.

That’s cold
July 31: Someone dismantled and stole parts from a Camerado Drive business’ air conditioning unit.

You have to pay for that
July 31: Deputies arrested a man who reportedly tried to steal from a Coach Lane grocery store.

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