Cameron Park Crime Watch: March 2013

The following information was taken from El Dorado County sheriff’s reports:

Door damage
March 1: A Fairway Drive couple reported possible vandalism to their front door.

Too young
March 1: Deputies cited a 16-year-old boy for allegedly possessing alcohol on Mojave Court.

Open door
March 2: Someone stole items from an unlocked vehicle on Lazurite Lane.

March 2: A 48-year-old woman received an unreasonable noise citation after reportedly screaming at a woman and slamming a glass door.

At stake
March 3: A Woodleigh Court resident reported that someone broke off tree stakes.

Big haul
March 4: Burglars hit a Castana Drive home. More than $100,000 worth of items were reported stolen.

Another break in
March 4: A home burglary was reported on Country Club Drive.

Easy access
March 4: A thief stole items from an unlocked vehicle parked on Alhambra Drive.

More theft
March 4: Grand theft was reported on Ventana Way.

Business hit
March 5: Vandals damaged a Cameron Park Drive business’ property.

Pot biz targeted
March 6: Burglars broke into a Cameron Park Drive medical marijuana business.

Mail missing
March 6: Someone pried open a community mailbox on Peridot Drive and stole the mail inside. A similar incident was reported on Wilkinson Road.

Possible lead
March 7: Vandalism was reported on Palmer Drive. A possible suspect has been identified.

March 9: A 19-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman were arrested after they allegedly tied to steal alcohol from a Coach Lane business.

Tech thieves
March 10: Two unidentified juveniles reportedly stole electronic devices from a Palmer Drive business.

Vandals busy
March 11: Vandalism was reported on Fairway Drive, De Sabla Road and La Crescenta Drive.

Caught at court
March 12: A 27-year-old woman was arrested after she reportedly brought medication without a prescription in to the Cameron Park courthouse.

Car break ins
March 12: Theft from a vehicle parked on Amethyst Drive was reported. Another break in was reported on Kentfield Court.

While you were out
March 13: Burglars broke into a Oxford Lane home while the homeowner was out of town.

Rustic ruined
March 14: Vandalism was reported on Rustic Road.

March 15: Deputies arrested a 32-year-old woman on suspicion of battery on Cameron Park Drive.

March 16: Someone broke into a vehicle parked on Millbrae Road and exploded a chemical device inside.

More vandalism
March 16: A Knollwood Drive resident reported vandalism to his home.

March 17: An 18-year-old man sought treatment for injuries after a fight with an unknown man on Cameron Park Drive.

Another boom
March 17: A Woodleigh Lane resident reported that something exploded in his driveway.

Not so merry
March 17: A burglary was reported on Merrychase Drive.

School targeted
March 18: Thieves broke into a Merrychase Drive school’s classroom and took several items.

At it again
March 18: Vandalism was reported on Millbrae Road.

Library damaged
March 19: Vandals destroyed property at the Cameron Park Library on Country Club Drive.

Double trouble
March 20: Vandalism and theft were reported on Rustic Road.

Hole in the wall
March 21: Thieves broke into a Cameron Park Drive business through an interior wall shared with an empty suite next door and stole a coin machine.

Blame the garden gnome
March 23: Someone put a large hole in a garden hose and chipped a chunk of paint off a Bass Lake Road resident’s deck.

Forced in
March 24: Someone broke into a Merrychase Drive school’s gym but nothing appeared to be taken.

March 25: Petty theft was reported from a vehicle parked on La Crescenta Drive.

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