Cameron Park Crime Watch: March 2014

The following information was taken from El Dorado County sheriff’s reports:

Illegal cargo
March 1: Deputies conducted a traffic stop on Fairway Drive and during a consented search of the vehicle reportedly found a white crystalline substance. A 36-year-old man as arrested.

House full of trouble
March 2: Four people at a Cambridge Road home were arrested on suspicion of drug charges and probation violations.

March 3: Vandals slashed three tires and carved obscenities in a vehicle’s paint on Cameron Park Drive. Suspects were interviewed and the case was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office.

Mailbox mayhem
March 3: Someone damaged two mailboxes on Old Meder Road. It’s unknown if any mail was stolen.

Saw recovered
March 3: Deputies searched a vehicle on Cambridge Road and reportedly found the 33-year-old driver in possession of a stolen chain saw. The suspect, who also had a bench warrant, was arrested.

Dirty divorce
March 4: A Waverly Drive resident reported that someone vandalized her vehicle and she suspected her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Hot wheels
March 4: Thieves stole bicycles from a Virada Road apartment complex.

March 5: A burglary was reported on Alhambra Drive.

Too much
March 5: Deputies patrolling Green Valley Road arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of public intoxication.

March 6: A 55-year-old man allegedly dropped what was later determined to be methamphetamine as deputies approached him on Coach Lane.

Wallet gone
March 6: Someone stole a wallet left in an unlocked drawer on Coach Lane.

Young offender
March 7: An 8-year-old boy allegedly stole his teacher’s phone at school. The phone was reportedly located at the youngster’s home.

March 7: A 45-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication on Cameron Park Drive.

Double trouble
March 8: Deputies patrolling Coach Lane arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia and stolen property.

Unnerving attempt
March 8: A Los Santos Drive couple reported that someone entered their backyard and possibly the garage. No property appeared to be stolen.

Open doors
March 10: Several items were stolen from unlocked vehicles parked on Cayente Way.

March 10: A grand theft was reported on Coach Lane.

Vandals strike
March 10: Vandalism was reported on Parkdale Lane.

March 11: A thief stole items from a possibly unlocked vehicle parked on Chasen Drive.

March 12: Deputies arrested a 49-year-old woman after they reportedly found her in possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license on Durock Road.

Smash and grab
March 13: A thief busted a Green Valley Road business’ window and stole items.

Dog-gone it
March 13: A dog was reported stolen on Cambridge Road.

Pretty petty
March 14: A petty theft was reported on Montclair Road.

Store targeted
March 14: Someone vandalized a Coach Lane storefront.

The keys to …
March 14: A lockbox filled with keys was found on Coach Lane and turned over to the Sheriff’s Department.

Timid robber
March 15: An armed man entered a Coach Lane store and demanded money but fled when the store clerk walked away.

Nap in the can
March 15: A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication after he allegedly passed out in a Coach lane business’ bathroom. He was later released with no charges filed.

Threatening suspect
March 15: Deputies arrested a 26-year-old man on La Canada Drive after the suspect allegedly attacked an officer and made threats.

Checking it out
March 15: Deputies and first responders did a welfare check on a 28-year-old man reportedly under the influence of a controlled substance outside a Coach Lane business. The man received a citation.

School vandalized
March 16: Vandals broke into a school building on Merrychase Drive and damaged property.

March 16: A 51-year-old man allegedly stole items from a Coach Lane business.

One too many
March 16: A 66-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication on Cameron Park Drive.

Car trouble
March 18: Someone vandalized a vehicle parked outside a Montero Road residence.

Head shot
March 18: A 36-year-old man allegedly threw a paper and tape ball and hit another man in the head. He was placed under citizen’s arrest.

Door jam
March 19: A Country Club Drive resident reported that someone put super glue in her front door’s deadbolt.

March 20: A Country Club Drive resident was startled by a man who crawled through an open window. When confronted the suspect went back out the window.

March 20: A man with a knife walked into a Royal Drive business and demanded money. When the clerk refused, the suspect fled.

Great find
March 21: Deputies conducting a probation search at a Cambridge Road home reportedly found stolen property. Suspects are being sought for questioning.

Sword fight
March 22: A 22-year-old man allegedly stole a sword from another man on Country Club Drive.

March 23: Thieves broke into a Green Valley Road store overnight.

More theft
March 23: Someone broke into a vehicle parked on Ito Court.

School targeted again
March 24: Vandals broke into a Merrychase Drive school and caused significant damage.

What’s in your pocket?
March 25: Deputies responding to a call for service on Cimmarron Road approached a 33-year-old man on searchable probation. They reportedly found methamphetamine in his pocket.

March 25: A 27-year-old woman arrested on a warrant on Cambridge Road allegedly had methamphetamine in her possession at the time of arrest.

Even more theft
March 25: Burglaries were reported on Palmero Drive and Cambridge Road.

Vandals back
March 26: Vandalism was reported on Country Club Drive.

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