Don’t be alarmed: Firefighters, volunteers make homes safe

Firefighter/paramedic James Sommercamp and Interact Club members Alana Hankins and Vicky Findlay get ready to canvass a neighborhood, installing and educating residents about smoke detectors and CO detectors. VIllage Life photo by Noel Stack

Marina Village residents got a nice wake-up call Saturday as El Dorado Hills firefighters and volunteers with the Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills and Oak Ridge’s Interact Club canvassed the neighborhood, installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors for anyone who wanted them — free of charge.

The event is part of the long-standing partnership between EDH Fire and Rotary.

“It’s nice for the community to see us out and about and make them aware of smoke detectors and CO detectors,” said firefighter/paramedic James Sommercamp.

Many residents warmly welcomed the teams into their homes.

“It’s fantastic,” said resident Michone Worsley, “especially when you bring the batteries.”

Residents James Brown and Tania Trujillo-Brown gladly accepted three new smoke detectors and a CO detector in their rental home. “We though one was enough,” Tania said. After Sommercamp installed detectors in the bedrooms the Browns shook his hand, saying that this free service is encouraging and really helps out in this economy.

Every year fire officials select a new neighborhood to canvass. This year about 280 homes were on the list, according to EDH Fire Chief Dave Roberts. The chief said volunteers didn’t hand out as many smoke detectors and batteries as in years past and commended Marina Village residents for being fire safe on their own.

Fire Marshal Brad Ballenger advises that homeowners have a smoke detector in every sleeping area and in the main living area and one CO detector between the sleeping area and the possible source of carbon monoxide.

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