Folsom Fire Safe Council wants you ‘Ready – Set – Go’

FOLSOM — 2011 is shaping up nationwide to be a powerful wildfire season. With that in mind the Folsom Fire Safe Council, in conjunction with the Folsom Fire Department, is launching a wildfire preparedness campaign: “Ready – Set – Go.”  Folsom is one of the first communities in the Sacramento region to launch this new and powerful safety campaign.

This program will assist residents living in wildland-urban interface areas that are “high risk” when a wildfire breaks out. Homes adjacent to open space areas and the American River Canyon area are especially vulnerable.  Homeowners in these risk areas are encouraged to practice “Ready – Set – Go” to minimize damage to their homes and save lives.

Ready: Homeowners should ready their home by creating a “defensible space” 30-100 feet around their home. Homeowners should clear or trim brush, scrub oak, and other flammable debris to better assist firefighters in protecting their home. The plan also helps to identify “weak links” (e.g. flammable roofs, outside vents, clogged rain gutters, etc.) relative to the home that homeowners can address to better protect their property.

Set: Residents are encouraged to prepare a wildfire action plan that consists of interior and exterior checklists to better prepare them in the case there is an evacuation. Also, this step encourages practicing an evacuation plan in the event of a real evacuation.  Preplanning evacuations help to minimize confusion and stress.

Go: Do not hesitate to evacuate early. By leaving early you will give your family the best possible chance of survival. Leaving early will also help to keep roads clear for fire and emergency personnel. If an evacuation becomes necessary, homeowners should plan to gather the 6 “P’s”:

  • People/Pets
  • Papers
  • Prescriptions
  • Pictures (irreplaceable items)
  • Personal computers
  • Plastic (credit cards, cash)

“Ready – Set – Go” will help firefighters not only prevent major damage to property, but also help people become aware of the dangers near and around their home. With the help of the local media, we can get this important message out to all citizens of our state. Prevention is our best weapon against major damage and loss of life.

To learn more about the National “Ready-Set-Go” program Folsom residents are encouraged to visit wildlandfirersg.org.

To learn more about the activities of the Folsom Fire Safe Council residents are encouraged to visit folsomfsc.org.

For decades firefighters across the nation have been teaching “stop, drop and roll.” By becoming a part of everyday language, the phrase has proven very successful in saving lives. The Folsom Fire Safe Council and City of Folsom hope to make “Ready –  Set – Go” equally as effective.

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