Folsom names new police chief

Folsom's new police Chief Cynthia Renaud.
Folsom's new police Chief Cynthia Renaud.

Folsom's new police Chief Cynthia Renaud.

Folsom City Manager Kerry Miller announced Friday the appointment of Cynthia Renaud as police chief.  Renaud is currently a commander with the city of Long Beach Police Department. She will assume her new duties on May 2, with an annual salary of $178,992.

“Commander Renaud competed successfully in a very rigorous recruitment process for the police chief position,” said Miller.  “She brings a wealth of experience, talent and expertise to our organization and we are pleased to welcome her as Folsom’s first female police chief.”

About 200 women serve as police chiefs in the United States, according to an article in this month’s Police Chief Magazine. That number represents about one percent of all police chiefs and sheriffs across the nation.

Renaud is a 19-year veteran of the Long Beach Police force. She joined that department as an officer and progressed through the ranks to commander. She currently oversees 104 detectives, 19 civilians, seven non-career employees and a $15.5 million budget, and supervises Property Crimes, Family Services, Youth Services and Vice.  In her prior assignment, she served as commander of the East Long Beach Patrol Division, with 144 sworn officers serving a population of 200,000 in a 26-square-mile area.

“Cindy has served as incident commander at multiple high-risk events, including officer-involved shootings, barricaded suspects and SWAT call-outs,” said Miller.  “In addition, she was a collaborator and instructor in implementing the Community Oriented Public Safety philosophy within her department.”

Miller noted that Renaud’s supervisors and peers all spoke very highly about her professionalism and leadership.  “She is a team-oriented consensus builder and problem solver who earned the respect of all,” said Miller.  “Many remarked on her intelligence, integrity, decisiveness and responsiveness to the community.”

Renaud has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from California State University, Long Beach, and also holds a prestigious master’s degree in Homeland Security and Defense from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. She attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy in Quantico, Va. in 2003.

“I am honored to be selected as Folsom’s next police chief,” said Renaud. “During the past several months I have met many members of this department and have been extremely impressed with the energy and pride with which they perform their duties.  While I am looking forward to working with them and all of the city departments who serve Folsom, I am equally excited to have my family become part of this community.”

Renaud will soon move to Folsom with her husband Steve and daughter Bryn.

Miller thanked Interim Police Chief Randy Ulibarri for his service to the Folsom community during the past five months. “Chief Ulibarri’s tremendous expertise, professionalism and character were of immeasurable value to our organization during this transition period.”

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4 Comments for “Folsom names new police chief”

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  1. This is great news for Long Beach and not so good news for Folsom.

    What Folsom’s investigation probably did not uncover is

    1. As a Long Beach police commander, Cynthia Renaud was part of the documented coverup of four domestic violence complaints filed against then Chief of Police, Anthony Batts, who is currently under fire as Chief of Police in Oakland.


    2. Commander Cynthia Renaud did not make the list of candidates considered for the new Long Beach Police Chief who eventually was hired from outside the department a year ago.

    3. Cynthia Renaud took an extended leave of absence for a psychological breakdown in 1993 after being the first officer to arrive on a murder scene.

    4. As President of a Long Beach Residents Association, Cmd. Renaud was the ranking office who oversaw my community. I found Ms. Renaud to be untrustworthy, evasive, disrespectful and highly political. Her untruthful statements were documented many times.

    5. Cynthia Renaud frequently belittled people in a public forum who questioned the conduct of officers serving under her.

    6. Cynthia Renaud refused to release the names of police officers under her command who were involved in misconduct or shootings.

    7. Upon becoming Commander in 2007, Cynthia Renaud inherited meetings with the public from her predecessor that she frequently avoided and sent subordinates instead.

    8. Soon after becoming Commander, Ms Renaud notified resident associations that Long Beach police representation would be reduced at future meetings.

    9. Long Beach police officers question whether Ms Renaud’s sex was the reason for her quick rise through the ranks.

    Good luck Folsom

  2. Please remove Mr. Ruhle’s untrue and slanderous personal attack on Chief Renaud. I am sure you have rules for postings. Please note every other publication has removed his unsupported allegations.

    • Remove Mr. Ruhle’s “personal attack?” ,,, what???!!!!! You can’t silence critics Mr. Dogood, don’t forget this is not a Communist country, not yet anyways. some of the comments made are very true & some are unconfirmed. Nevertheless, the gentleman has a right to his opinion. The Media has a duty to print both sides of an argument, even though they are often one sided. Just because YOU don’t agree with Ruhle’s opinion, it doesn’t make it against the “rules for postings.”

      • Well this shouldn’t require a class on the First Amendment but here goes. Mr. Ruhle does have a right to post his “opinion” as you put it, however the First Amnendment is not an absolute right. When your opiinion is stated as fact and damages the reputation and livelihood of another and is untrue or made up then we cross over from opinion to slander and you lose said protection. Chief Renaud never took leave for a mental breakdown, she was not involved in any conspiracy involving Chieff Batts, she was never a candidate for Long Beach Police Chief. See where this goes? No reputible publication would leave this up without at the very least making an attempt to vette the information. If he doesn’t like her and feels he has reason then he can certainly post that. As a public official criticism is part of the job, however baseless accussations designed to damage ones reputation are irresponsible

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