Hamlin denied parole

The El Dorado Hills attorney who terrorized his wife and children will spend at least 10 more years behind bars.

The California Board of Parole Hearings denied parole for Richard Hamlin, who is currently serving his sentence at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga.

Richard’s ex-wife Susan and their four children strongly opposed his parole.

“We are just so relieved and just feel like we have a new lease on life,” Susan said after the parole board made its decision.

Ten more years without worry will help the family heal, Susan added, noting that it will also allow her daughters to grow into adulthood without fear of their father trying to get back into their lives.

In January 2006 a jury found the then-45-year-old Richard Hamlin guilty of torture and corporal injury to a spouse. His arrest came nearly two years earlier.

“He still has the crazy delusions that he had before,” Susan said in an earlier interview with Village Life. She pointed out that Richard continues to investigate an alleged Satanic cult linked to Starbucks, one of many angles used in his defense at trial. When he beat Susan, she said her husband of 20 years thought “he was beating the demons inside me.”

“He’s very obsessed,” daughter Clare, 16, added. “I just think he’s so far gone he can’t come back to reality.”

Clare and younger sister Jenn, 14, wrote letters to the board asking to keep their father in jail. Because they are minors they were not allowed to be in the room during the Dec. 5 hearing but they did watch through one-way glass. Susan and her sons Alec, 19, and Ryan, 24, attended and sat in the same room as Richard.

Attorneys Nina Salarno Ashford and Laura Strasser assisted the Hamlin’s as they prepared for the parole hearing. The lawyers collected letters opposing Richard’s release on behalf of the family.

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  1. I just watched the re-run of the story and went to google to find out info on his parole. I pray for the Hamlin family and their healing. I hope that Richard NEVER knows the joy of freedom again.
    Very sad story! I am sorry they had to live it!

  2. I watched this episode today on WE and have been looking everywhere on the internet to find out if this insane man made parole or not. I am so relieved that he didn’t. I hope his family can heal, for I know how it is to be brainwashed and be told that you’re a demon, or devil spawn. I pray the family can heal. Thanks for answering my question!

  3. I watched the movie, what a terrible creature. He should in prison for life. He is to dangerous to ever be out of prison around society. This mother & her children deserve peace. Please keep him locked up. Anyone who brainwash others is a monster. God Bless these kids & their mom.

  4. My wife and I just watched the story about this family and can’t believe that someone that receives a life sentence could possibly be considered for parole after only 5 years in prison. THAT’S COMPLETELY NUTS!!!! What’s wrong with our judicial system?
    We wish the family happiness.

  5. I am watching this on Lifetime, and I was treated prety close to this. My children were aliented from me by the man to whom I no longer married to. This was/is not a pleasant expereince, belive me.

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