High school district welcomes public comment on proposed student calendars

The El Dorado Union High School District is in the process of developing its student calendars for 2012–13 and 2013–14 school years, in cooperation with input from district management, district principals, district bargaining groups, and elementary and middle school superintendents. A number of critical assumptions have been used as the basis for developing the school calendar:

  • The first assumption, that the school year is based on 180 days, split between two semesters.
  • Second, that the two semesters are as closely balanced as possible in the number of days.
  • Third, that semester one ends prior to winter break.  This improves the continuity of instruction for students—final exams are completed, thereby students and families enjoy a more restful winter break.  In addition, ending semester one prior to winter break better aligns with the calendars of the local colleges (Los Rios, Sierra Community College District, CSU–Sacramento, and UC Davis).
  • Fourth, that testing windows for important examinations like the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) and the Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are set in March and May each year.  Completing more instructional days prior to these windows maximizes the amount of time teachers and students have to prepare for these very important examinations.
  • Fifth, that a one-week intersession follows winter break.  This assumption is significant, because not only is the mid-year intersession more economically viable than a traditional summer school, but, more significantly, a mid-year intersession has proven more effective in remediating academically at‑risk students sooner rather than a traditional end-of-year summer school.

As part of the collaborative process, three calendar options for each school year have been proposed and are posted to the district’s website (www.eduhsd.net/EDUHSD Student Calendar.htm) for the public to view and comment.  These calendar options, for the most part, align with the traditional school calendar that has been in place for the past 15 years. A mid-year intersession was added to the calendar in 2010. For the public’s convenience, the significant differences of the various calendar versions are highlighted below. However, Superintendent Christopher Hoffman encourages all interested parties to log on to the district web site to view the entire calendars.

2012–13 Calendar:

  • Version A:  8/13/12    Start of school

4-day        Thanksgiving break (Wednesday–Monday)

5/31/13    School ends, after Memorial Day

  • Version B:   8/9/12     Start of school mid-week

1-week     Thanksgiving break

4/1/13      Additional vacation day at Spring Break

5/31/13    School ends, after Memorial Day

  • Version C:  8/6/12       Start of school 1 week earlier

1-week      Thanksgiving break

5/24/13    School ends, before Memorial Day

2013–14 School Calendar: 

  • Version A:  8/12/13     Start of school

4-day          Thanksgiving break (Wednesday–Monday)

5/30/14     School ends, after Memorial Day

  • Version B:  8/8/13       Start of school mid-week

1-week       Thanksgiving break

4/21/14      Additional vacation day at Spring Break

5/30/14     School ends, after Memorial Day

  • Version C:  8/5/13       Start of school 1-week earlier

1-week       Thanksgiving break

5/23/14     School ends, before Memorial Day

Superintendent Hoffman said, “There are always pros and cons to any calendar, and we do understand concerns about the school year starting in August, but these proposed options best meet the needs of our students by providing them better continuity of student learning with less disruption and, therefore, a more effective educational program.”

The final calendars for 2012-13 and 2013-14 will be brought forth for adoption before the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees in February 2012.

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