Huber will not seek third term

Alyson Huber
Alyson Huber

El Dorado Hills Assemblywoman Alyson Huber, 39, placed what previously appeared to be a promising political career on indefinite hold Tuesday, announcing that she will not seek a third term in the Assembly.

Facing a self-described “nasty, ugly” divorce, foreclosure of a home in Serrano and the prospect of moving to more politically moderate district to seek her final term in the California Assembly, Huber said the decision is “best for my children, my health and my current district” in a Wednesday Twitter feed and Facebook posting.

She and her husband Tim Huber became familiar faces in El Dorado Hills over her first two terms. The couple’s two children, ages 7 and 9, now live with Alyson.

In a phone conversation Wednesday night, Alyson explained that her real estate problem is the result of her separation and pending divorce. The couple, both of who are attorneys, separated in January. In April they signed a separation agreement. She filed for divorce in May, and has a trial date in April 2012.

In June the couple bought a smaller house in El Dorado Hills for Alyson. She subsequently bought out Tim’s interest in the second home, with the understanding that he would be responsible for their once-shared residence on Breese Circle, which is currently for sale.

Her husband continues to live in the house but, Alyson said, “He’s not making payments, he won’t move out so that I could rent it, and he won’t pay me rent.”

Alyson said she can’t take her name off house one until the divorce is finalized. Tim Huber has not returned calls to tell his side of the story.

Complicating matters, in August the Citizens Redistricting Commission put El Dorado Hills into a right-leaning district that includes Placer County. Beth Gaines has already stated her intention to seek the Assembly seat.

In early November Alyson announced plans to seek her third and last Assembly term from Rancho Cordova, which lies in the moderate new Assembly District 8.

The Sacramento Bee subsequently published the details of her separation, her purchase of a the second, much less expensive home in Serrano and default on a $1 million-plus loan on the original family home on Breeze Circle, which is currently listed at $725,000, all of which would have become campaign fodder had she stayed in the race.

Did the outing of her personal problems cause her to change her mind? “My life influenced this decision, not any newspaper story,” Alyson said. “I weighed everything that’s going on in my life and everything necessary for a reelection campaign, and decided to finish out my current term in the Assembly and not to run for reelection.”

Alyson admitted that it’s not easy seeing the gory details of a messy divorce and foreclosure aired in the local newspaper. “This is my life,” she said. “Now that it’s all out there I don’t mind you writing about it. The truth is that it’s even worse than what’s been printed.”

Tim Huber initially refused to pay child support, she said, and kept moving the court date, thus avoiding any child support payments until October.

Alyson said she wrote her husband a check for $18,450 in July to get his name off the second house. “That’s when he stopped making the mortgage payments on the first one,” she said. “He had that money, plus he makes three times what I do.”

Alyson said she wouldn’t rule out running for office in the future, but stuck to her script. “Right now I need to focus on my children, my health and the constituents that I’m serving for another year.”

She said she plans to continue to fight for legislation to end unnecessary state boards, commissions and agencies.

Former Sacramento Sheriff John McGinness credited her with being “someone who doesn’t get mired in partisan politics and has sought to do the right thing over the years,” on his radio show on Wednesday adding, “I hope she finds some peace in the decision.”

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  1. Glad that she’s not running. I wrote her, trying to get the committee that she chaired to audit EID and it never happened! Would have been to much for her district, She was all about reelection.

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