When it rains, it pours … in the gym

Rainwater damaged the baseboards in the CSD gym and classrooms but Recreation Supervisor Frank Sianez said he thinks the gym’s floor is OK. Village Life photo by Noel Stack

Unexpected fall rain and a roof replacement do not mix.

El Dorado Hills Community Services District staff found that out the hard way when rain last week and earlier this month made its way indoors.

“It was literally raining in here,” said Frank Sianez, CSD recreation supervisor, as he stood in the gym and then picked up a soggy piece of acoustic material that fell from the ceiling.

Division 515, the company completing the gym’s roof replacement, had covered the roof to protect the building from the rain but Mother Nature found her way inside, dropping water onto the basketball court and classroom floors.

“We were in here for hours and hours (Oct. 10), mopping,” Sianez said. “As fast as we could sweep (the water) out it just came right back in.”

The indoor shower forced CSD staff to cancel some classes and the popular Senior Oktoberfest had to be moved to the Senior Center.

After the rain stopped and the floors were all mopped up staff brought in blowers to dry things out “so nothing grows mold,” Sianez explained. All of the baseboards were ripped off and will be replaced soon. Some drywall at the entrances will also be replaced and staff is consulting with professionals to determine what options they have to resolve the ceiling issues.

“We think (the gym floor) is OK,” Sianez said, adding that dance room flooring in an adjoining classroom might have to be taken out because it’s bulging up in some places. A big sigh of relief to Sianez — the new scoreboard installed as his 60th birthday present was not damaged.

CSD interim General Manager Sandi Kukkola said they’re still trying to determine the extent of the damage and, at this time, have no clear estimate of the cost … but they do know who will pay for the repairs.

“The water damage, as far as the district’s concerned, is entirely the contractor’s responsibility,” Kukkola said. “They will either cover the costs or we will send them a bill.”

The new roof was schedule to go on the day the rain came down. The contractors began that work Friday and Kukkola said she expected that portion of the project to be completed early next week. All work done at the CSD building should be done by the end of November.

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