Marshall Medical Center to expand cancer services

Marshall Medical Center is embarking on the community phase of its capital campaign to expand and consolidate cancer services in Cameron Park.

One of the last independent health systems in the state, Marshall fills this critical role by responding to the specific needs of our community.  Having long sought to bring needed health services closer to home, the campaign will help to raise awareness of the importance of having high quality care for cancer patients consolidated into one central location.

At Marshall Medical Center alone, more than 350 new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2012, including 69 new breast cancer patients. With the ongoing population growth of El Dorado County’s Western Slope, and the aging baby-boomer population, those numbers are expected to increase dramatically in the coming years.

“Survival rates are excellent when diagnosed early,” explained Karen Good, executive director of Marshall Foundation for Community Health. “About 71 percent of women in California are diagnosed at an early stage. Fortunately this is happening to more women, as we have seen in our county. If cancer is localized to the breast at diagnosis, the five year survival is 100 percent.”

These facts are driving an important new initiative to consolidate and expand Marshall Medical Center’s accredited cancer program into a comprehensive and modern campus that will support all those who live and work in El Dorado County.  The $8 million project will:

  • Reconfigure the existing 8,440-square-foot building in Cameron Park;
  • Relocate off-site cancer services to this convenient, consolidated location;
  • Expand key services and treatment areas;
  • Purchase a PET/CT scanner and state-of-the-art mammography equipment for diagnostic purposes; and
  • Install a linear accelerator for patient treatment.

All of this will enhance Marshall Medical Center’s ability to provide the latest, state-of-the-art cancer care locally so patients aren’t traveling far distances, which is so important, especially when undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

The Community Campaign Cabinet, co-chaired by area leaders Jim and Maureen Carter and Barbara Ashwill, will be responsible for fundraising. They encourage members of the community to consider helping to make this important project a reality. The campaign goal of $1.5 million will allow Marshall to reconfigure the 8,440-square-foot building at its Cameron Park campus. With more than $900,000 raised to date, the community is well on its way to success.

Marshall Foundation for Community Health was established in 1974 to assist Marshall Medical Center and the community in providing needed resources to keep its community healthier.  For further information contact Executive Director Karen Good at (530) 642-9984 or e-mail kgood@marshallmedical.org.

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