McClintock to Tea Party: Keep your eye on 2012

CONGRESSMAN TOM McCLINTOCK takes questions after a rousing speech at the Tea Party Patriots of El Dorado Hills meeting last Wedesday evening. Village Life photo by Noel Stack

Congressman Tom McClintock rallied the troops last Wednesday night at the Tea Party Patriots of El Dorado Hills meeting, telling the crowd of nearly 100 they have the power to restore the Republican Party and “turn Barack Obama out of office in the biggest landslide in American history.”

“It’s the perfect time to get bold, blunt and persistent.”

Applause followed McClintock’s assertion and came frequently as he spoke about everything from the budget crisis to military rules and preparedness. But his recurring theme revolved around 2012.

McClintock was supposed to address the group in July but was called back to Washington, D.C., to vote on the debt ceiling issues. He called the approved budget plan, which he voted against, a “big setback” because it allows the administration to continue its “current, preposterous, unsustainable” spending levels.

The proposal passed saddled every American with an additional $7,000 in debt, “just as surely as the amount that appears on you credit card (statement),” McClintock said. “Congratulations, (a family) just bought a new car … and you don’t even get the car.”

Republican proposals passed in the House but killed in the Senate by “Harry Reid and his merry band of bandits” would have prevented this debt and the downgrade of America’s credit rating, the congressman added.

He used these comments and figures to fuel the desire to get rid of the president. When asked if the Democratic Party would consider running another Democrat besides Obama in 2012 because the president’s approval rating in some polls hovers near 30 percent, McClintock replied, “I don’t know. They don’t ask me for political advice.”

Chuckles erupted.

A good sense of humor and a memory full of Reagan and Lincoln quotes coming from the congressman kept the audience engaged.

And though McClintock didn’t endorse any of the current or potential Republican presidential candidates he did tell the crowd, “I think there’s a lot of solid presidential timber out there. ” The congressman said that who the voters choose will determine the nation’s future; America could become a country that fades because of its socialist policies or it could move forward and achieve more prosperity, he explained.

“Barack Obama actually believes socialism will work here when it’s failed everywhere else,” McClintock said.

When a new president takes the White House in 2013 that president’s first acts will be to repeal Obamacare and reverse the spending and socialist policies that have brought the country down, McClintock predicted. But first, he stressed, the people have to vote in that new president, adding, “There’s a great deal of work coming in 2012.”

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