Nutting’s appeal denied

The 3rd District Appellate Court has denied a former supervisor’s writ of mandate to stay in office.

Former Supervisor Ray Nutting’s writ to overturn the decision to vacate his office and hold a special election to fill it was summarily denied on July 31, according to the court’s website, published by Presiding Justice Vance W. Raye. The website notes this decision was made after it received a 154-page petition filed on July 15, as well as a letter was received the next day explaining the urgency of staying the trial court’s decision to vacate Nutting’s position due to an upcoming special election in September.

Nutting’s position was vacated on June 6 by order of visiting Judge Timothy S. Buckley following a trial that found Nutting guilty of six misdemeanors related to accepting loans for bail money from county employees and a contractor while being a county supervisor.

“Let’s finally put aside this charade of an alleged political prosecution,” Vern Pierson wrote in a statement. “The case against Ray Nutting was led by the California Attorney General’s Office in this joint prosecution. Every time a good old boy is accused of misconduct it is claimed to be either a ‘cover-up’ or a politically motivated ‘witch-hunt.’ While sitting in his county supervisor’s office, Nutting illegally obtained $58,000 in cash from county employees and another $15,000 from a county contractor. His wife walked into the county jail with this illegal cash loan — 550 $100 bills. Now, the Court of Appeal has confirmed Nutting’s removal from office for official misconduct and has once again proven that no one is above the law — even the politically powerful.”

Nutting’s attorney David Weiner said they would be “taking it to the next level” of the state Supreme Court. “We’ll take it to a final conclusion,” he said. However, he doubted the court would have time to consider a stay of the original ruling before the special election.

“In the meantime, we expect Jennifer Nutting (Ray’s wife) to win the election,” Weiner said, adding that if there is a favorable resolution in court, “There will be a lot of interesting conversations between Mr. and Mrs.”

Jennifer Nutting is running against five other people for the District 2 supervisor seat — Shiva Frentzen, Dave Pratt, Claire McNeal, George Turnboo and Chris Amaral. The special election is set for Sept. 9.

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  1. So Mr. Weaner thinks another Nutting is going to take over for Ray? He can think and dream and hope it is back to business and corruption as usual but the people will decide and should reject any Nutting or their associates. The voters should be smart enough to reject all of them once and for all. The very interesting thing is Nutting’s ability to pay enormous legal fees for years and his continual losses in court and in appeals, now the Supreme Court is next for another huge taxpayer expense and this is all after rejecting the same offer he was convicted of. Where is this apparent endless supply of money from? This is costing tax payers huge bills for his own choices and this money could have paid for some positive things like extra staff for local fire districts. There is a definite need on a state and federal level for an investigation of the Nutting money sources for laundering and if the source of the funds is from illegal activity.

  2. Cole Meyer, you certainly can bend the truth. This is typical news reporting for the Mountain Dem. The Demo is running this tainted article at the direction of Joe Harn. To bad they can’t print factually correct information. Their general manager and staff must take their marching orders from Joe Harn and his BFF DA Pearson. The DemocRAT has stopped people who really know from blogging on their Placerville site. They don’t want the truth to come out.

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