People Talk: Who’s the boss in your family?

Ron Mikulaco, El Dorado Hills
“I am. It’s just me and my daughter. She makes requests and I’m pretty easy, but I definitely run the show.”

Ron Mikulaco, El Dorado Hills “€œI am. It’€™s just me and my daughter. She makes requests and I’€™m pretty easy, but I definitely run the show.”

Michele Martin, Placerville “Me. I manage the finances, but it goes beyond that. My husband is the kind of guy that says ‘€˜yes dear’€™ a lot. He goes with the flow, and knows that whatever makes me happy makes him happy. I guess I’m a control freak.”

Leah Headd, Placerville “€œMe. I do my best to point them in the right direction and keep them from messing up too bad. They say they don’€™t follow my lead, but they do. They know I’€™m there for them.”€

Kay McAleer, Folsom “€œI’€™m a teacher. My kids are grown and the husband’€™s gone, so it’€™s just me and the cat at home. Ask anyone who’€™s responsible for 105 10th graders who’€™s in charge.”€

Davis Holmes, 12, El Dorado Hills “€œDad. He owns the house. Day to day it’€™s mom. It’€™s a pretty rare situation where I’m in charge at home.”

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