EDHCSD opts not to take dip into county funds

When Supervisor Ron Mikulaco learned the city of Placerville and the Cameron Park Community Services District planned to request money from the El Dorado County’s General Fund for their public pools, he wanted the El Dorado Hills Community Services District to also receive one-time funds for its pool. Yet when he presented the idea to the EDHCSD Board of Directors in June he was told thanks, but no thanks.

“The city of Placerville is asking for $20,000 to address impact upon their pool budget by residents of unincorporated areas of the county and the Cameron Park CSD is asking for $30,000 to help fund expanded pool hours,” Mikulaco told Village Life. “So I suggested $25,000 would be a fair amount for our community pool since it’s right in between what the others are asking.”

After the June EDHCSD Board of Directors meeting, when a motion was made by Director Vandegrift for the district to request the funding, General Manager Brent Dennis e-mailed Mikulaco to say, “There was no support and the motion failed.”

“In general I recall that the sentiments of the majority of the CSD Board members present (Tony Rogozinski was absent) were that we have greater and more strategic partnership objectives with the county beyond simple funding of pool operations,” Dennis recently told Village Life. “For example, what is soon to develop at Bass Lake as a regional park within the El Dorado Hills CSD in cooperation with Rescue Union School District and El Dorado County was a specific project that could require significant cooperation and funding from the county to see such a park and county amenity realized.  Transportation/roadway and bikeway improvements as well as our greater community’s sentiments toward the county’s eventual decision regarding the zoning of the Executive Golf Course are certainly much higher in importance in a more global view of relationships with El Dorado County.”

“I’m all about supporting the pool,” Rogozinski told Village Life. “All I want is our fair share based on what the allocation is. If it’s truly driven by tax base, and we’re the highest tax base in the county, the funds should reflect that. And the funds can’t impact our current programming, including the Taz swim team, water polo and community swim.”

Dennis said he found the $25,000 request perplexing. “When I asked what the city of Placerville or Cameron Park CSD had provided to help justify their funding requests, nothing could be provided,” Dennis explained. “The suggestion for us to request $25,000 from the county seemed very arbitrary in many ways. We want to pursue a more comprehensive funding approach for discussions with El Dorado County in the near future that are at a much higher level and priority than this request for us to formulate a justifiable financial support request to the county for pool operations funding.”

A frustrated Mikulaco said he wishes they’d pursue the funding, for which four out of five directors must agree before a formal request to the Board of Supervisors may be made. “Constituents are always asking why our tax dollars are being sent up the hill,” he said. “Now we’re hearing they don’t want the money. There are no-strings attached; these funds would only have to be used for the pool.

“I’m disappointed I’ve tried to deliver resources to El Dorado Hills and it’s gotten hung up for reasons I don’t know,” Mikulaco continued. “If a kid wants to swim on a hot summer day, I don’t want to see him turned away because he doesn’t live in El Dorado Hills.”

The Board of Supervisors could vote on Placerville’s and CPCSD’s request in the next few weeks.

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