Recall effort stumbles, rights itself

El Dorado Hills Community Services District board recall proponent John Everett missed one filing deadline then made four others last week, learning more about the strict state recall process and its hard-wired milestones each step of the way.

His recall group has adopted the name “Better Government Supporters.” They initiated the recall process by filing Notices of Intent for each of the five directors on April 2.

State guidelines gave the directors seven days to file a formal response to the claims in his notices. Director Noelle Mattock filed a response on Friday, April 6. Directors Tony Rogozinski and Wayne Lowery filed on the deadline, Monday, April 9. Directors Bill Vandegrift and Guy Gertsch did not file a response.

The BGS got 10 days from either the date the response was received or the deadline to file blank petitions to the county Elections Department for each director. Each filing had to include proof that he’d published a notice of intent to recall in a newspaper of circulation, such as the Mountain Democrat.

The resulting petition deadline for Mattock was Monday, April 16. He had until Thursday, April 19, for the other four directors.

El Dorado County Assistant Registrar of voters Barbara Dunmore reported that Everett attempted to file Mattock’s petition on Monday, but his filing failed to meet the requirements, and he consequently missed the deadline.

He has since restarted the process for Mattock, filing a new Notice of Intent to Recall and serving her on April 19, said Dunmore.

With that lesson learned, Everett and the BGS met the April 19 filing and publication deadline for the other four directors, according to Dunmore, who now has 10 days to confirm that Everett’s petitions meets strict state requirements.

Once the blank petitions are validated by the Elections Department, a process that might wrap up in late April but could stretch into late May, Everett theoretically has 120 days to collect the required 4,235 valid signatures for each recall petition.

The Elections Department then gets up to 30 days to validate them.

If the signatures pass muster, the recall is eligible for the November ballot, which has its own deadlines.

Ballot measures must be finalized and submitted to the Elections Department between 125 and 88 days in advance of the election date. The resulting window for Everett’s BGS is July 5 through Aug. 10, 2012.

The group’s ability to submit compliant petitions and the Elections Department’s ability to validate them quickly could shrink or expand his critical signature collection deadline from August into June. Stay tuned.

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  1. This is great news. Let’s get the CSD back on tract representing the people and stop the wasteful spending. Thanks to Mr. Everett for doing this. Our community deserves the best from the CSD and what has transpired with Mr. Skeel and the board is entirely unacceptable.

  2. This is the most ridiculous thing ever, two of the board members are up for reelection on the November ballot (FYI if you don’t want them then don’t vote for them and they won’t be on the board anymore). Wasting CSD money, as someone needs to pay the cost for this “vengeance”. And I can only assume its vengeance since any thinking person would choose to recall the ones who will be there after say November’s election, and then make sure the others do not get elected again, if they even choose to run.

  3. Brilliant. Take a positive event for kids and give your political stance….Wow….brilliant

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