Sheriff kicks off ‘We Work For You’ community meetings

“We Work For You” is the theme for Sheriff John D’Agostini’s 2013 community meetings, which begin in El Dorado Hills.

From 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, the sheriff will host the first of five meetings this year at Oak Meadow Elementary, 7701 Silva Valley Parkway. District I Supervisor Ron Mikulaco will also attend. The meetings are open to everyone, giving people a chance to speak with Sheriff D’Agostini and members of the Sheriff’s Office.

One meeting will be scheduled every other month in a different supervisory district. Attending the meetings with Sheriff D’Agostini will be Sheriff’s Office managers from each of the Sheriff’s Office divisions including Operations, Custody, Support Services and Fiscal. Representatives from the Sheriff’s STAR program, Neighborhood Watch, Sheriff’s Reserves, Sheriff’s Explorers program and the respective district supervisor will also attend. The sheriff’s crime analyst will give a powerpoint presentation regarding crime trends in the community.

After the presentations, attendees will be encouraged to complete a survey of their top priorities concerning law enforcement in their neighborhoods, helping us respond to their concerns and improving our level of service.

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  1. In the Mountain Democrat today I find a County Sheriff mocking the Vice President of the United States amusing. I find it even more amusing that the Sheriff position on gun control is literally word for word that of the NRA that represent the 99 billion dollar a year gun industry, and even more amusing the Sheriff thinks mental health is the issue and not guns when he has proudly given out over 2000 carry and conceal weapons permits without thorough mental health checks. It makes me think that the Sheriff doesn’t really understand the issue of gun control and needs to spend a little time away from his jail and a little more time with the general population…. I can only relay my experience with guns and those who feel the need to be constantly armed: As a young man my law enforcement family always had guns around that were locked up in a secure closet and consisted of my grandfather and dads hunting rifles and service revolvers. They were never in any way readily accessible. Anyone could’ve broken into our house and he’d be almost helpless, their guns secured at the other end of the house. That was my experience with “legal” gun ownership. It’s also what I expect of people who advocate “responsible” gun ownership……. Ironically, working with gangbangers years later in Oakland, I discovered them to be the, “ultimate armed libertarians (of a certain font).” They were engaged in the free market of one sort or another, often selling products that were unregulated, resisting any regulations. They took it upon themselves to protect themselves and their families—they didn’t call 911. They were self-made men and women. They were tough individualists, relying only on themselves. Gangbangers don’t have unemployment accounts. If their business activities fail, they don’t get government handouts. In short, they fend for themselves in a dogs eat dog society. So that’s my family experience with guns other than the military. The people who were “responsible” gun owners kept their guns locked up and occasionally went hunting. “The criminals used them for self protection and walked around armed.” The arguments that many make for why they need their guns are founded in logics not that dissimilar from the reasons that inner-city gangbangers walk around armed. In both cases it is founded in a, “notion that the government is not to be trusted and that one’s life is in one’s own hands.”

  2. The Sheriff is not interested in upholding even the current gun laws. He has stated that he will not support any new gun laws and will openly disobey even the president of the United States. It’s no wonder the El Dorado Sheriffs shoot so many people that are mentally ill or armed with bb guns. They have to assume everyone is carrying since D’agastoney has been handing out so many concealed weapons permits. You’d think he’d have a slight interest in protecting his employees instead of pushing his political agendas and NRA membership.

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