TeenPalz allows global audience to provide activities and monitoring virtually

A new online resource — the brainchild of an El Dorado Hills mom who wants to provide more productive choices for teens online — is live.

In the current economic climate freelancing and project-based employment, known as the “gig economy,” means survival for millions. Start-up TeenPalz.com provides the first online destination where parents can hire Palz to monitor and support their teens when they are unavailable, through text, e-mail and phone only.

TeenPalz.com founder Anne Leedom, who also founded parentingbookmark.com, said it’s the only site where parents can find someone to connect with their teens to provide monitoring and check-ins, utilizing technology rather than coming to the family’s home.

In addition to simple monitoring, Teenpalz.com offers more than 100 suggested activities for teens, as well as adults and seniors, including cooking, digital photography or fitness. Through video platforms provided through the site, hundreds of activities are now available globally, all virtually. Individuals located all over the world, as well as experts, charities and corporations will provide virtual activities to users who sign up for the site.

TeenPalz.com began its inception in June of 2010. Leedom initially sought help from local friends and associates after she conceived the idea following a conversation with her sister. Both moms acknowledged their struggles of not having a safe and affordable way to provide some minimal supervision for their teens in their absence. The initial team evolved to include Leedom, local web design firm Ixystems, Inc. and a private, local angel investor.

TeenPalz.com has partnered with the Sacramento-based company Backgrounds Online, which will provide background checks to parents and Palz and Take Care, take-care.me, which provides personality tests for Palz. According to Leedom, “The popularity of Facebook and its games proves there is a huge outcry for activities and a sense of connection with others online. We hope to provide productive activities and virtual monitoring. It’s a great way to give parents some peace of mind. It’s a new form of social networking … with a purpose!”

Leedom says TeenPalz.com will provide content on parenting and related topics, national experts and other resources. Palz need to be 18 or older and can be located anywhere on the globe. For more information visit teenpalz.com.

Short URL: http://www.villagelife.com/?p=6009

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