Town Hall Meeting: How to put a Conservative in the White House in 2016

Lewis Uhler, founder and president of the National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC), one of the Nation’s leading grass roots taxpayer lobbies, will speak at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17 at a Town Hall Meeting at the Holiday Inn Express in El Dorado Hills.

Uhler served in Ronald Reagan’s administrations in California and in Washinton D.C.

Uhler will address the following topics:

• Elector reallocation by congressional district in six states: Six states can legally change how they allocate the electors won in the popular vote which would change the outcome in a presidential election. Mitt Romney would have won the presidency in 2012 if this system had been in place.

• Out-of-Washington oversight hearings: Congress is charged with oversight of all government agencies and programs but has not been doing its job. The NTLC will be sponsoring oversight hearings in over 100 congressional districts over the next year to inform voters about the lack of oversight of government programs in Washington.

• California reallocation of electors: California could adopt a new system for allocating electors and stop the disenfranchisement of many of the voters in the conservative parts of the state.

• Fallout of Prop. 8 “standing” in the future: The U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a case regarding same-sex marriage raises serious questions about the initiative process in California and other states.

In 2010, Uhler co-authored with Erick Erickson the book “Red State Uprising: How to Take Back America.” Uhler also wrote the book, “Setting Limits: Constitutional Control of Government,” with foreword by Milton Friedman, published in 1989. Uhler speaks internationally on fiscal issues and has appeared on numerous national, regional and local television and radio programs and has been widely quoted in the print media.

Uhler served in Governor Ronald Reagan’s administration on the California Law Revision Commission and as the Governor’s State Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. He also served in Reagan’s cabinet as Assistant Secretary of the Health & Welfare Agency and as Chairman of the Tax Reduction Task Force.

In 1990, Uhler was co-author of Proposition 140, California’s pioneering state term limit initiative. Under Uhler’s leadership, NTLC has forged coalitions, including “Americans for Responsible Privatization,” the “Council for Retirement Security” and more recently the “Tax Cut Working Group” in Washington, which Uhler chairs with Jim Martin (60 Plus Association) and Dan Mitchell (Heritage Foundation).

Uhler, a native Californian, is a graduate of Yale University and the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley. He and his wife, Cynthia, have four grown sons and reside in the Sacramento area.

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  1. So the point of this talk seems to be how to rig the electoral process and to keep gays from getting equal rights. No thanks I’ll pass

    Mr Uhler does have some financial expertise but he’d rather talk about changing the rules instead of changing the root cause of the downfall of the conservative movement. Anyone under 50 does not identify with the dying party. Change or die.

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