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Crib notes: What kids want most out of sports

My teenage son and his friends have rallied to play indoor soccer together during this rainy season. It’s low key and all about fun, which I credit to their coach, Ginger Swagerty. Before their first game, a group of them wanted to get pumped up for it. They walked to the store to buy energy […]

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Crib notes: The sweet spots of growing pains

When my youngest child was 9-months-old she arched her back and turned away, refusing to nurse even one more time from that moment on. She went from nursing three to four times a day to nothing, just like that. I had this inexplicable and ridiculous sounding feeling that she didn’t need me anymore and I […]

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Crib Notes: Take me out to the ball game

By the time this column publishes, we will know who our new president is. Regardless of the outcome, divisions in the country run deep. There were moments during the election season I felt so disheartened I didn’t even want to turn on the television or read past the newspaper headlines. As my children caught snippets […]

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Crib notes: Hanging with peers is more than fun

Despite grueling workouts, our oldest son is loving his experience on his first high school sport team. I wasn’t sure what his attitude or staying power would be once his team began practicing three hours a day, five days a week at first, pushing their bodies into shape whether they were ready or not. Surprisingly […]

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Crib Notes: The best time to zip your lip

The world is getting so small and so loud that there’s only room for a few soundbites to cycle into the top headlines, reaching across the globe as quickly as gossip spreads across a school blacktop at lunchtime. For good and bad, communication with others is only a thought away. Gone are awkward phone booths, […]

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Crib Notes: Meet my friend Curbi

Pokemon or pine trees? GymStops or sleeping under the stars? School has started and the only real struggle I had with my kids this summer vacation was how much was too much time they could spend on devices. During the school year we keep pretty tight reins on their use of technology, but summer vacation […]

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Crib Notes: Keep calm and show some respect

Pray for Orlando. Pray for Dallas. If not one city, tragedy strikes somewhere else on a monthly, now nearly daily, basis. Perhaps we should pray for our youth — that they will find a better way to rebuild our broken nation once they are in charge. This may be too tall an order since many children today […]

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