Cancer Resource Center: A one-stop shop for treatment, information, support

By Jessica Pratt

With such a huge prevalence of breast cancer in the United States, doctors have been spreading information about research, treatment methods and health tips to prevent this disease from affecting more women than it already has.

One physician helping further the cause of breast cancer prevention and treatment is Dr. Lin Soe of Marshall Hematology/Oncology in Cameron Park. Through the several patients Dr. Soe has treated during his 15 years in the medical field, he said he has seen living proof that breast cancer really is the most common type of cancer among women.

It is estimated that about 230,480 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2011, according to the American Cancer Society, and the disease will claim 39,520 lives this year.

Since breast cancer is common — the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer — Soe has many different recommendations to ensure general good health and prevent the disease.

“Eat right and exercise,” said Soe when asked what his biggest piece of advice would be to fight against breast cancer. He also warned patients to “avoid hormones.”

Soe also recommended that women age 40 and older have mammograms in order to check for breast cancer symptoms and catch the disease as soon as possible. The most common and obvious symptom is a lump on the breast. Mammograms detect these and other signs of cancer.

Patients should also perform self examinations, take note of any unusual lumps or pains and then consult a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.

In the unfortunate case that cancer does happen to appear, there are many options available for patients who hope to successfully battle this disease. There are many doctors and medical facilities in the area, but a new Marshall Medical building located in Cameron Park might be much closer and convenient for families.

“In addition to physician care, we provide lab draws, chemotherapy and other supportive care,” said Soe. “We are advocates for our patients to get the best care possible. Our patients come first! If we can’t provide everything for our patients we will guide them to the facility best fitted for their diagnosis.”

The Cameron Park facility offers many diagnostic imaging services such as CT, MRI, digital mammography with CAD, and a combination PET/CT scanning units. There are also surgical, pharmaceutical and pathology services, as well as information about nutrition and home care.

Aside from these medical resources, there are also outreach, education and social services. Printed and online resources and support groups through the Marshall Cancer Resource Center are available as well.

“Through our cancer services program, we can help our patients with additional support they may need,” said Soe.

Marshall’s Cancer Resource Center is located at 3581 Palmer Drive, Suite 402, in Cameron Park. Phone number is 530-672-7050.

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