Delta River All-League teams


Co Most Valuable Players: Dano Graves, QB, Folsom; Tyler Trosin, WR/DB, Folsom

Offensive Player of the Year: Mark Jenkins, RB, Pleasant Grove

Co Defensive Players of the Year: Kyle Castro, DB, Pleasant Grove; Marcus Paige-Allen, DL, Sheldon

All Purpose Player of the Year: Jordan Richards, RB/DB, Folsom

Lineman of the Year: Arik Armstead, OL,DL, Pleasant Grove

Coach of the Year: Kris Richardson, Folsom

First team Defense

Linemen: Trevor Jones, Folsom; Chris Fry, Jesuit; Mason Hastings, Pleasant Grove

Linebackers: Burton DeKoning, Folsom; Marcus Hendricks, Folsom; Sam Lueken, Folsom; Darion Jackson, Sheldon; Kaikoa Oyao, Sheldon; Mike Bush, Jesuit;Preston Dean, Oak Ridge; Jonathan Bias, Pleasant Grove; Kyle Stafford, Pleasant Grove

Defensive backs: Josh Brinkworth, Sheldon; Dustin Fretwell, Oak Ridge


Linemen: Stephen Sippel, Folsom; Adam Parietti, Jesuit

Running backs: Davonte Lynch, Sheldon; Dan Hrin, Jesuit; Ryan Shuler, Jesuit;Jordan Matanane, Oak Ridge

Receivers: Kori Babineaux, Folsom; Willie Tucker, Oak Ridge

Quarterbacks: Will Tostenson, Oak Ridge; Conner Bitnoff, Ponderosa

Kicker: Marcus White, Pleasant Grove


Co Players of the Year: Matthew Wiesenfarth, Jesuit; Cameron Iwasa, Jesuit

Coach of the Year: Henry Reis, Oak Ridge

First team: Tanner Chadwell, Folsom; Constantine Kolokotronis, Jesuit; Jordan Sims, Jesuit; Matt LaGrassa, Pleasant Grove; Blake Zimmerman, Pleasant Grove; Andres Garcia, Pleasant Grove; Bucky Bray, Pleasant Grove; Kyran Bennett, Oak Ridge; Chase Donahue, Oak Ridge; Lee Barclay, Oak Ridge’ Connor Swartz, Ponderosa; Sean Melton, Ponderosa; Francisco Cruz, Shedon

Girls Volleyball

Player of the Year: Zoe Nightingale, St. Francis

Coach of the Year: Alynn Wright, St. Francis

First team: Kendyl Saunders, Folsom; Katie Vaughn, Oak Ridge; Haley Simmons, Oak Ridge; Maddie Chambliss, Oak Ridge; Melissa Norman, Pleasant Grove;Lianna Sybeldon, Ponderosa; Sara Hickenbottom, Ponderosa; Madison Macauley, Ponderosa; Gabriella Palmeri, St. Francis; Brooklyn Bueno, St. Francis; Jennifer Petrovich, St. Francis

Girls Cross Country

Runner of the Year: Samantha Ralstin, Oak Ridge

Coach of the Year: John Mansoor, Oak Ridge

First team: Reaghan Emrick, Oak Ridge; Jackie Mansoor, Oak Ridge; Holli Arrieta, Oak Ridge; Jerriann Wells, Pleasant Grove; Brooke Ruppenthal,Ponderosa; Melissa Copley, Ponderosa; Jessica Diaz, St. Francis; Erin Matranga, St. Francis; Lauren LaRocca, St. Francis

Boys Cross Country

Runner of the Year: Benji Xie, Oak Ridge

Coach of the Year: Rob Fairley, Oak Ridge

First team: Jeroen Kuekenkamp, Oak Ridge; Clay McNamee, Oak Ridge; Dusty Armstrong, Oak Ridge; Colton Misono, Jesuit; Caton Avilla, Pleasant Grove; Riley Ruppenthal, Ponderosa; Spencer Jones, Ponderosa; Mitch Hawkins, Ponderosa;Philip Satow, Sheldon

Girls Golf

Most Valuable Player: Brianna Mao, St. Francis

Coach of the Year: Shari Pesa, St. Francis

First team: Ashley Noda, St. Francis; Melyssa Astorga, St. Francis; Danielle Covey, Pleasant Grove; Sarah Debnekoff, Pleasant Grove; Ji Park, Sheldon; Nicolette Bondura,Oak Ridge; Beomyn Han, Oak Ridge

Girls Tennis

Player of the Year: Bridgett Guenard, Pleasant Grove

Coach of the Year: Scott Gradin, Sheldon

First team: Monica Yassear, St. Francis; Jessica Josiah, St. Francis; Ashlyn Schmitgen, St. Francis; Madeleine Verspieren, St. Francis; Lindsay Donovan, St. Francis; Tessa Sandoval, St. Francis; Tori Trylovich, Oak Ridge; Katrina Lund, Oak Ridge; Julia Lund, Oak Ridge; Andie Mouzes, Pleasant Grove; Betelhem Girma, Pleasant Grove

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