South 1 Division opener is in the books

SIERRA-AT-TAHOE — Finally. After two weeks without snow and another under the threat of too much, South I Division varsity ski and snowboarders shook off the rain Thursday to complete the season’s first Giant Slalom race on Lower Main at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

El Dorado and Ponderosa emerged the big winners, splitting the six team awards while individually, Cougars took three of the top four spots.

The Bruin boys appear poised to repeat their ski title after out-pointing the second-place Cougars 114-94. Ponderosa’s Reid Lambres, Alex Matzat, Zach Fitzpatrick and Alec Lambres finished 1-4 with Andrew Olson, sixth. Bruin Michael Duhain posted the third-best time after the first run but ran into trouble and finished out of the top 20.

In the girls ski runs that featured just 18 racers, two that did not finish, El Dorado placed Anna Greenwood (first place), Kristen Vardanega (third), Caitlin Phillips (fifth) and Madison Crovitz (sixth) in the top 10 to finish with 69 points, 27 ahead of Ponderosa. Union Mine’s Gabbi Aveni was second.

In combined ski points, the Bruins and Cougars are far ahead of the pack with El Dorado holding a 163-156 edge after the first race.

On the snowboard side, El Dorado’s Sage Hoffee picked up where she left off last year and won the girls race. Though the Cougar senior had a near five-second win, Oak Ridge boarder Stephanie Summers, who finished second, put up the best time on the second run, a half second ahead of Hoffee.

El Dorado, behind Hoffee and top five finishes from Brooke Beals and Katie Harris, garnered 87 points to the Bruins’ 73. Ponderosa’s strong showing was led by Ashley Ritters (fifth), Maggie Nuttall, (seventh), Monica Zutter (eighth) and Torianna Green (11th).

Ponderosa’s boy boarders had four top 10 placers in Davis Alexander (third), Danny Gassuan (fifth), Brandon Walsh (seventh) and Jacob Hunter (ninth) to surprise El Dorado, led by race-winner Colby Haffner, 220-203.

Oak Ridge, behind Zachary Larsen (fourth), was third with 190 points while the D’backs, featuring last year’s all state performer Carter Price, was fourth with 184 in a competitive boy’s side. Haffner and Price traded off best times and ended up within a second of one another.

Below is the top 20 finishers. For complete race results for both individuals/teams as well as JV, visit south1race.org.

Girls snowboard

1-Sage Hoffee, ED, 40.43/46.17-1:26.60; 2-Stephanie Summers, OR, 45.55/45.47-1:31.02; 3-Brooke Beals, ED, 46.33/54.17-1:40.50; 4-Katie Harris, ED, 48.38/ 52.18-1:40.56; 5-Ashley Ritters, PHS, 50. 46/56.61-1:47.07; 6-Stacy Hayhurst, UM, 49.66/58.00-1:47.66; 7-Maggie Nuttall. PHS, 51.07/58.02-1:49.09; 8-Monica Zutter, PHS, 49.02/1:04.28-1:530.30; 8-Taylor Caldwell, ED, 52.69/1:01.09-1:53.78; 10- Katie Merrill, AM, 52.92/1:02.25-1:55.17; 11-Torianna Green, PHS, 55.08/1:03.06-1:58.14; 12-Natalia Witkowska, UM, 55.31/1:07.76; 13-Breanne Morley, UM, 57.58/1:05.80-2:03.38; 14-Madison Orr, ED, 56.98/1:08.39-2:05.37; 15-Taylor Rasmussen, UM, 1:00.40/1:14.03-2:14.43; 16- Olivia Ortiz, PHS, 1:02.15/1:12.51-2:14.66; 17-Morgan Faulkner, PHS, 59.68/1:16.26-2:15.94; 18-Kassi Hoelscher, UM, 1:07.09/1:09.46-2:16.55; 19-Megan Goetz, PHS, 1:26.80/1:19.98-2:46.78; 20-Savannah Freudenhe, OR, 1:23.68/1:25.75-2:49.43.

Boys snowboard

1-Colby Haffner, ED, 40.50/44.99-1:25.49; 2-Carter Price, UM, 43.17/42,81-1:25.98; 3-Davis Alexander, PHS, 44.15/43.80-1:27.95; 4-Zachary Larsen, OR, 45.36/46.35-1:31.71; 5-Danny Gassuan, PHS, 42.81/51.13-1:33.94; 6-Brian Williams, UM, 45.50/50.39-1:35.89; 7-Brandon Walsh, PHS, 48.78/49.82-1:38.60; 8-Ian Janoska, ED, 49.73/48.94-1:38.67; 9-Jacob Hunter, PHS, 51.62/47.78-1:39.40; 10-Austin Casorena, AM, 47.77/51.89-1:39.66; 11-Michael Bogowitz, OR, 1:39.97; 12-Mathew Bateson, PHS, 45.37/54.69-1:40.06; 13-Jack Phillips, PHS, 49.91/52.15-1:42.06; 14-Travis Cordero, ED, 51.53/50.60-1:42.13; 15-Skyler Gallardo, PHS, 50.67/51.95-1:42.62; 16-Shane Austin, OR, 49.77/52.93-1:42.70; 17-Spencer Anderspn, PHS, 51.24/52.68-1:43.92; 18-Tyler Peeters, ED, 51.77/53.72-1:45.49; 19-Reed January, PHS, 51.96/54.32-1:46.28; 20-Quincy Blackwell, ED, 55.11/55.44-1:50.55.

Girls ski

1-Anna Greenwood, ED, 34.04/36.78-1:10.82; 2-Gabbi Aveni, UM, 35.92/40.03-1:15.95; 3-Kristen Vardanega, ED, 36.94/39.74-1:16.68; 4-Petra Van De Hey, AM, 38.28/39.82-1:18.10; 5-Caitlin Phillips, ED, 38.92/40.50-1:19.42; 6-Madison Crovitz, ED, 38.35/41.66-1:20.01; 7-Laura Wisdom, PHS, 39.88/41.61-1:21.49; 8-Emily Vivian, OR, 40.95/43.71-1:24.66; 9-Amanda Pinski, PHS, 41.14/44.00-1:25.14; 10-Danica Stevenson, OR, 42.16/43.85-1:26.01; 11-Jessica Phillips, ED, 42.14/44.88-1:27.02; 12-Britanny Nompleggi, PHS, 42.71/45.84-1:28.55; 13-Caitlyn Nolasco, OR, 43.98/50.24-1:34.22; 14-Laura Olson, PHS, 43.22/51.60-1:34.82; 15-Tara Chastaine, OR, 45.92/52.33-1:38.25; 16-Cari Chavez, PHS, 56.47/58.24-1:54.71.

Boys ski

1-Reid Lambres, PHS, 32.44/34.77-1:07.19; 2-Alex Matzat, PHS, 33.13/35.84-1:08.97; 3-Zach Fitzpatrick, PHS, 34.51/37.02-111.53; 4-Alec Lambres. PHS, 34.90/37.16-1:12.06; 5-Alex Bahro, ED, 35.21/37.30-1;12.51; 6-Andrew Olson, PHS, 34.99/38.11-1:13.10; 7-Dayton Morris, ED, 36.20/38.90-1:15.10; 8-Andrew Vardanega, ED, 37.43/39.35-1:16.78; 9-Steven Haugaard, UM, 37.82/40.66-1:18.48; 10-Joel Kaderka, ED, 38.53/40.86-1:19.39; 11-Dustin Diel, OR, 38.89/42.08-1:20.97; 12-Tyler Atkinson, ED, 39.31/42.36-1:21.67; 13-Kyle Brazil, ED, 39.44/42.57-1:22.01; 14-Samuel Neil, PHS, 38.18/44.74-1:22.92; 15-Jacob Legge, PHS, 35.57/50.72-1:26.29; 16-Shane Wise, UM, 40.57/46.01-1:26.58; 17-Matt Poindexter, ED, 42.71/44.04-1:26.75; 18-Keenan Raleigh, ED, 43.79/44.68-1:28.47; 19-Alexander Murray, GS, 35.27/53.41-1:28.68; 20-Dylan Brownell, PHS, 43.63/45.17-1:28.80.

Code: ED-El Dorado; PHS-Ponderosa; UM-Union Mine; OR-Oak Ridge; GS-Golden Sierra; AM-Amador

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