Taz Devils splash to second place at ‘Champs’

 By Mike McIntee

The El Dorado Hills Tasmanian Devils recreation swim team raced to a second place finish at the Suburban Swim League Championships July 30-31. Despite posting very fast times, the Taz couldn’t overcome their rivals, the two-time defending champion Park Terrace Penguins, who outpointed the Taz over the three-day competition 1,355–1,048.50. The Sierra Sharks from Cameron Park finished fourth with 720 points.

The Taz’ first-year coach Jason Brown was thrilled with his swimmers. “Our kids swam so well this weekend. They knew they had to go fast. They knew they could go fast — and they did. All of our kids turned in season best performances. And I’m amazed by the team spirit. The Taz spirit is definitely back!”

The meet, the 46th SSL Championships, featured over 1,450 athletes from the region.

In addition being runners-up, the Taz earned the SSL’s Sportsmanship Award for the second consecutive season, their third since 2001. The Taz and the Sharks were recognized in 2006-2007, meaning El Dorado County teams have won the award four of the past six season.

“Sportsmanship means everything to us,” Taz President Brett Jones said. “… To be recognized for great sportsmanship by our peers is a total validation of what we teach. When you look at what families from El Dorado Hills and Sierra have done in the last five, six years, you feel proud to be a part of this community.”

Five SSL records fell during the weekend. El Dorado Hill’s Morgan Jones, 13, twice broke her own record in the 13-14 girls 100-yard freestyle. Her time of 55.99 seconds established a new league mark July 16; she reduced the mark by four-tenths to 55.59 in winning the event preliminaries and her winning time of 55.46 in the final lowered the record yet again. The time would have won the 17-18 girls event.

In event the 17-18 girls 100 backstroke, Taz Annie Harriman, 17, shattered her own record of 1:05.63, touching in an astounding 1:02.66. Harriman broke the club record in the 15-16 age group last year.

“That time is impossibly fast,” Brown said. “The previous record had stood for 15 years until Annie broke it at Park Terrace. A couple of tenths is a huge accomplishment. But to drop the record by three seconds in one shot is just beyond belief. It shows you that anything is possible with Annie.” Harriman now stands just 0.53 off of the SSL mark set in 2005.

Hannah Bensman, 17, accounted for three club records. In the 17-18 girls 100-yard individual medley, Bensman won the prelimsinary in 1:03.73, which broke the mark of 1:03.90. Bensman also won the 100 freestyle in 55.50, breaking her own club record of 55.96 set June 18.

She completed the trio by establishing new marks in the 50 fly, win the prelims in 27.64, besting Taz legend Emily Baracco’s record, and then re-broke the record, winning the final in 27.21.

The Taz 15-18 girls 200 medley relay team of Harriman, Katie Weiss, 16, Bensman and Amrita Chimni, 16, won the in a time of 1:57.36, shattering the 12-year-old club record of 1:58.20.

Together Bensman and Harriman broke four of six club records. Both finished just a second off a record set by Carrie Ginsburg in 1983, the fifth oldest on the Taz books. record time of 1:11.14, which is the fifth oldest record on the Taz books. Bensman and

“When these exceptional women hit the water next year, that record will be 29 years old,” Brown said. “I highly doubt that it will see 30.”

The Taz were led from the front by their youngest 6 and under swimmers, age 6 and under, who scored 107 points in the meet. Mitchell Scott netted a perfect 22 points, Cooper King and Nathan Roth accounted for 28 more as the Taz little men went 1-2-4 in the group.

Brooke Davidson and Samantha Torres tied for second on the 6U girls side with 16 points each. Davidson and Torres went 1-3 in the 25 backstroke, with Davidson winning in 23.58. She also won the 25 free in 18.14.

Scott led a Taz rout on the boys side. Scott, King and Roth finished the 25 back 1-2-4 to earn 26 points in the event. Scott’s winning time was 23.89 and he won the 25 free in 19.55.

Taz Patrick Sammon, 7, was again brilliant. The 6U boys champion last year, Sammon bagged an exceptional 42 points to lead the 7-8 boys.

Payton Valencia, 10, was second in the 9-10 girls group with 36 points. Teammate Patrick (“Wow-wow”) McIntee finished tied for second for the 9-10 boys with 30 points.

Allie Prior was second in the 11-12 girls group with 39 points.J ones, 13, was tops in the 13-14 girls division with 47 points. Noah Bensman, 14, was third on the boys side with 34 points. Bensman and Harriman finished 1-3 in the 17-18 girls group with 48 and 45 points, respectively.

The 13-14 girls 200-yard medley relay touched the wall in 2:01.12 to win the event. Kate McIntee, 13, Jones, Sam Sruba, 14, and Kelly Sharp, 13, finished 0.77 ahead of the previously undefeated Park Terrace team.

Below are the results for the Taz and the Sharks who finished in the top 10 to earn points for their teams.

Mixed 6 & under: 100 MR: 2-Mitchell Scott, Samantha Torres, Jillian Trimarche, Brooke Davidson, TD, 1;21.60; 7-Cameron Shaw, Joshua Huber, Macey Wurm, Analeis Vos, SS, 1:36.53.


6 & under: 25 back: 1-A. Vos, SS, 23.78; 2-Torres, TD, 23.99; 3-Davidson, TD, 24.15. 25 free: 1-A. Vos, SS, 18.66; 3-Davidson, TD, 19.53; 4-Torres, TD, 19.81; 9-Wurm, SS, 21.00.

7-8: 100 MR: 3-Claire Tomaszewski, Zoe Moestopo, Mackenzie Buehler, Brooklin Holly, TD, 1:22.38; 4-Kaleigh Hartigan, Lauren Kott, Delaney Lardie, Samantha Bacon, SS, 1;24.15. 25 back: 4-Tomaszewski, TD, 19.30; 5-L. Kott, SS, 20.26. 25 free: 2-L. Kott, SS, 15.81; 5-Moestopo, TD, 16.70; 10-Holly, TD, 17.14. 50 free: 5-S. Bacon, SS, 38.36; 6-Makenna Swars, SS, 38.80; 8-Tomaszewski, TD, 39.26; 9-Jessica Weisser, TD, 40.01; 10-Delaney Lardie, SS, 10.05. 25 breast: 5-L. Kott, SS, 22.44; 6-Tomaszewski, TD, 22.91. 25 fly: 8-L. Kott, SS, 19.42; 9-S. Bacon, SS, 19.51. 100 FR: 3-S. Bacon, Anna Pagcaliuagan, Lardie, L. Kott, SS, 1:09.98; 4-Holly, Tomaszewski, Buehler, Moestopo, TD, 1:10.22.

9-10: 100 IM: 2-Payton Valencia, TD, 1:22.51; 4-Lauren Tilley, TD, 1:24.55; 6-Jessica Hufford, SS, 1:24.82; 7-Chloe King, TD, 1:25.21; 9-Kolya Vos, SS, 1:27.07. 100 MR: 2-Kendall Kott, Hufford, Alyssa Renfrew, K. Vos, SS, 1:09.04; 3-King, Analise Mulert, Valencia, Tilley, TD, 1:09.26. 25 back: 2-Valencia, TD, 17.53; 6-K. Kott, SS, 17.87; 7-King, TD, 17.96; 8-K. Vos, SS, 18.09; 9-Emily Navickas, TD, 18.36, 25 free: 2-King, TD, 14.26; 7-K. Vos, SS, 15.14; 8-Paige Richards, SS, 15.17; 9-Hufford, SS, 15.18; 10-Tilley, TD, 15.23. 50 free: 2-Valencia, TD, 31.56; 6-Emma Mehl, TD, 33.65; 9-Karly Hagen, TD, 34.11. 25 breast: 1-Hufford, SS, 18.32; 4-Hagen, TD, 19.19; 8-Rebecca Allen, SS, 19.93; 9-Analise Mulert, TD, 20.13. 25 fly: 2-Valencia, TD, 15.62; 10-Tory Orofino, SS, 16.72. 200 FR: 2-King, Mehl, Tilley, Valencia, TD, 2;11.06; 4-K. Kott, Richards, Vos, Hufford, SS, 2:13.45.

11-12: 100 IM: 3-Allison Prior, TD, 1:11.23; 6-Natalie Bresnahan, SS, 1:16.30. 200 MR: 4-Prior, Gabby Costamagna, Ellen Smolarski, Lauren Palmer, TD, 2:17.66; 8-Bresnahan, Paige Bacon, Rachel Muha, Alexis Day, 2:26.69. 50 back: 2-Prior, TD, 31.20; 6-Bresnahan, SS, 34.20; 7-Sarah Truxton, SS, 34.96; 10-Ellen Smolarski, TD, 35.82. 50 free: 9-Smolarski, TD, 30.09; 10=Bresnahan, SS, 30.28. 100 free: 3-Prior, TD, 1:04.90. 50 breast: 6-Prior, TD, 37.78. 50 fly: 3-Prior, TD, 31.01. 200 FR: 6-A. Day, Muha, Madeline Dean, Bresnahan, SS, 2:04.57; 7-Smolarski, Costamagna, Camille Odlozil, Prior, TD, 2;06.78.

13-14: 100 IM: 1-Morgan Jones, TD, 1:06.66; 6-Kate McIntee, TD, 1:11.11; 10-Kelly Sharp, TD, 1:13.78. 200 MR: 1-McIntee, Jones, Samantha Sruba, Sharp, TD, 2:01.12; 5-Savannah Day, Teagan Tomasello, Jacqueline Nisson, Hannah Hill, SS, 2:11.30. 50 back: 1-M. Jones, TD, 31.07; 6-McIntee, TD, 32.16. 50 free: 2-Sharp, TD, 26.92; 8-Sruba, TD, 27.95; 10-McIntee, TD, 28.23. 100 free: 1-M. Jones, TD, 55.46**. 50 breast: 2-M. Jones, 34.25; 9-Sharp, TD, 36.53; 10-McIntee, TD, 37.52. 50 fly: 4-Nisson, SS, 30.32; 6-M. Jones, TD, 30.59; 8-Sruba, TD, 30.87; 9-McIntee, 30.98. 200 FR: 2-Sharp, McIntee, Sruba, M. Jones, TD, 1:47.65; 6-Hill, Tomasello, S. Day, Nisson, SS, 1:56.24.

15-16: 100 IM: 4-Maisie Mora, SS, 1:07.33; 5-Katie Weiss, TD, 1:07.34; 6-Shannon Kiss, TD, 1:08.09, 100 back: 5-Mora, SS, 1:07.04; 7-Kiss, TD, 1:09.60; 8-Amanda Jones, TD, 1:10.50. 50 free: 2-Weiss, TD, 26.64; 3-Mora, SS, 26.80; 7-Amrita Chimni, TD, 27.65. 100 free: 4-Kiss, TD, 59.58; 6-A. Jones, TD, 1:01.64; 7-Gabby Avallone, TD, 1:01.51; 9-Susan Frazier, SS, 1:02.74. 100 breast: 2-Weiss, TD, 1:12.96; 3-Kiss, TD, 1:14.69; 8-Mora, SS, 1:20.08; 9-Frazier, SS, 1:20.37. 50 fly: 3-Mora, SS, 29.44; 4-Weiss, TD, 29.77; 10-Kiss, TD, 31.18.

17-18: 100 IM: 1-Hannah Bensman, TD, 1:04.31; 3-Annie Harriman, TD, 1:05.66; 6-Jordan Shaner, SS, 1:08.39. 100 back: 1-Harriman, TD, 1:02.66;* 3-Bensman, TD, 1:07.70; 6-Shaner, SS, 1:10.12; 10-Kaity Zawilski, SS, 1:12.32. 50 free: 5-Zawilski, SS, 27.64; 7-Kylie Wiesner, SS, 27.88; 8-Haley Godwin, TD, 28.06. 100 free: 1-Bensman, TD, 55.50;* 3-Harriman, TD, 58.27; 5-Shaner, SS, 59.16. 100 breast: 1-Harriman, TD, 1:12.07; 2-Bensman, TD, 1:12.31; 8-Shaner, SS, 1:19.79; 9-Zawilski, SS, 1:20.12. 50 fly: 2-Bensman, TD, 27.21;* 4-Harriman, TD, 28.97; 7-Wiesner, SS, 29.92; 10-Shaner, SS, 30.72.

15-18: 200 MR: 1-Harriman, Weiss, Bensman, Chimni, TD, 1:57.36;* 5-Shaner, Frazier, Mora, Wiesner, SS, 2;04.72. 200 FR: 3-Chimni, Weiss, Harriman, Bensman, TD, 1;46.68; 4-Mora, Wiesner, Zawilski, Shaner, SS, 1:49.34.


6 & under: 25 back: 1-Mitchell Scott, TD, 23.89; 2-Cooper King, TD, 25.21; 4-Nathan Ross, TD, 26.18; 5-Mason Buehler, TD, 26.86. 25 free: 1-Scott, TD, 19.55; 4-King, TD, 21.06; 6-Ross, TD, 21.12; 8-Joseph Harrison, TD, 21.84.

7-8: 100 MR: 3-Miles Tresser, Nathan Stoddard, Bryce Bacon, Logan Lardie, SS, 1:21.02; 4-Patrick Sammon, Luke Mulert, Mason Hagen, Ethan Mueller, TD, 1:25.37. 25 back: 2-Sammon, TD, 18.88; 3-Tresser, SS, 19.34; 8-Stoddard, 21.42. 25 free: 3-Mueller, TD, 16.68; 5-Ian Koopman, TD, 17.10; 7-Rand Peterson, TD, 17.24; 8-Hagen, TD, 17.32; 10-Collin Wham, TD, 17.67. 50 free: 1-Sammon, TD, 36.10; 2-Lardie, SS, 36.58; 3-Bacon, SS, 36.91; 4-Tresser, SS, 37.14; 9-Mulert, TD, 39.84. 25 breast: 1-Sammon, TD, 22.16; 4-Lardie, SS, 23.38; 5-R. Peterson, TD, 23.40. 25 fly: 1-Sammon, TD, 17.84; 4-Bacon, SS, 18.70; 8-Mueller, TD, 20.04; 9-Tresser, SS, 20.38. 100 FR: 2-Mueller, Mulert, R. Peterson, Sammon, 1:06.99; 4-Bacon, Lardie, Stoddard, Tresser, SS, 1:10.20.

9-10: 100 IM: 4-Patrick McIntee, TD, 1:22.37; 6-Thomas Pipkin, SS, 1:23.53, 100 MR: 2-P. McIntee, Drew Davidson, Jack Peterson, Brayden Kono, TD, 1:10.36; 6-Austen Pellicano, Thomas Pipkin, Kyle Anderson, Ryan Miller, SS, 1:13.78. 25 back: 2-P. McIntee, TD, 16.89; 4-J. Peterson, TD, 17.44; 9-Pipkin, SS, 18.50. 25 free: 4-J. Peterson, TD, 14.40; 6-Miller, SS, 14.66; 8-Caleb Thoms, TD, 14.86; 10-Kono, TD, 15.21. 50 free: 4-P. McIntee, TD, 32.73; 7-Pipkin, SS, 33.55. 25 breast: 9-Pipkin, SS, 10.24. 25 fly: 4-J. Peterson, TD, 15.47; 5-P. McIntee, TD, 15.73; 8-Pipkin, SS, 16.24. 200 FR: 3-P. McIntee, D. Davidson, Raghubir Chimni, J. Peterson, TD, 2:14.05.

11-12: 100 IM: 2-Justin Lehr, SS, 1:12.72; 4-Ryan Thoms, TD, 1:14.33; 7-Jake Rackwitz, SS, 1:15.73; 8-Nicholas Grinnell, TD, 1:15.89; 9-Cole Tilley, TD, 1:16.44; 10-Robby Otto, TD, 1:16.67. 200 MR: 2-J. Rackwitz, Paul Vos, Lehr, Shane Marshall, SS, 2:13.93; 3-R. Thoms, Jake Malaney, Otto, Jack Davidson, TD, 2:14.23. 50 back: 1-R. Thoms, TD, 32.54; 3-Grinnell, TD, 33.49; 4-J. Rackwitz, SS, 33.51; 7-Lehr, SS, 33.77; 10-J. Davidson, TD, 34.70. 50 free: 3-J. Rackwitz, SS, 27.86; 5-R. Thoms, TD, 28.06; 6-Tilley, TD, 28.54; 7-Otto, TD, 29.32. 100 free: 2-Lehr, SS, 1:02.62; 4-J. Davidson, TD, 1:04.89; 5-S. Marshall, SS, 1:05.58; 7-Grinnell, TD, 1:05.90. 50 breast: 3-J. Rackwitz, SS, 37.63; 6-R. Thoms, TD, 38.49; 9-Vos, SS, 38.81. 50 fly: 2-Otto, TD, 30.49; 4-Lehr, SS, 31.29; 8-Terry Chen, TD, 32.60; 9-J. Rackwitz, SS, 32.78. 200 FR: 1-Tilley, J. Davidson, Otto, R. Thoms, TD, 1:55.72; 3-Lehr, Vos, S. Marshall, J. Rackwitz, SS, 1;57.80.

13-14: 100 IM: 2-Chris Sanborn, TD, 1:04.44; 7-Noah Bensman, TD, 1:08.63. 200 MR: 5-Heath Faulkner, Brady Ruppenthal, Connor Overstreet, Spencer Nisson, SS, 2:09.61; 7-Sanborn, Bensman, Jerry Chen, John Moestopo, TD, 2:11.53. 50 back: 9-Faulkner, SS, 31.73. 50 free: 3-Bensman, TD, 26.07; 9-Nisson, SS, 28.09. 100 free: 6-Sanborn, TD, 58.07; 9-Overstreet, SS, 1;03.57; 10-Faulkner, SS, 1:05.27. 50 breast: 1-Bensman, TD, 32.60; 3-Sanborn, TD, 33.73. 50 fly: 1-Bensman, TD, 29.30; 4-Sanborn, TD, 29.61; 10-Talon Green, SS, 31.38. 200 FR: 6-B. Ruppenthal, Green, Overstreet, Nisson, SS, 1:53.73; 7-Bensman, J. Chen, Moestopo, Sanborn, TD, 1:55.31.

15-16: 100 IM: 1-Spencer Harrison, SS, 58.12; 4-Zach Pickett, SS, 1:01.30; 5-Travis Marshall, SS, 1:02.80; 9-Hayden Cooksy, SS, 1:04.63. 100 back: 2-S. Harrison, SS, 59.27; 8-S. Marshall, SS, 1:05; 10-Pickett, SS, 1:05.19. 50 free: 3-Pickett, SS, 23.51; 4-Cooksy, SS, 24.18; 7-Billy Kennedy, SS, 25.08; 10-Sam Rackwitz, SS, 26.16. 100 free: 2-S. Harrison, SS, 51.34; 6-Kevin Anderson, SS, 55.44; 7-T. Marshall, SS, 55.53; 8-Sean Sadao, SS, 55.64. 100 breast: 3-T. Marshall, SS, 1:07.32; 5-Pickett, SS, 1:10.22; 8-Cooksy, SS, 1:13.58. 50 fly: 3-Pickett, SS, 25.94; 7-Cooksy, SS, 27.15; 9-Eric Rohrer, TD, 28.09.

17-18: 100 free: 5-Riley Ruppenthal, SS, 54.76; 9-Garrett Jaehn, SS, 56.61. 100 breast: 9-Ruppenthal, SS, 1:10.69.

15-18: 200 MR: 5-S. Harrison, T. Marshall, Cooksy, R. Ruppenthal, SS, 1:53.37; 8-Aaron Taylor, Johnny Hedmeck, Rohrer, Sangsoo Kim, TD, 2:05.59. 200 MR: 4-Cooksy, Kennedy, T. Marshall, Pickett, SS, 1:37.31.

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