Cross Country: Trojans, Bruins compete in second league meet

SACRAMENTO —  Both the Oak Ridge varsity girls and boys cross country teams took second in Wednesday’s Delta River League meet at Granite Regional Park in Sacramento.

The girls had 41 points, finishing behind St. Francis with 27. Ponderosa’s varsity girls were third with 80 points. The Trojan boys scored 60 points, edging Jesuit in third with 61 points. Pleasant Grove came in first with 44 and Ponderosa was fifth with 114.

The Oak Ridge frosh/soph girls extended their winning streak with their fifth consecutive victory this season after totaling 31 points. The frosh/soph boys were second with 35. Ponderosa’s frosh/soph boys took sixth; just one Bruin frosh/soph girl competed so no team points were awarded.

Freshman sensation Ellie Velez led the Trojan varsity girls, taking third overall. She was followed across the line by Reaghan Emrick, fourth, and Maxine Goyette in seventh. Ponderosa’s Christine Redor took ninth.

Ponderosa’s Riley Ruppenthal was the first El Dorado County runner to come in, finishing fifth just ahead of Trojan Dusty Armstrong in sixth. Troy’s frosh/soph girls were led by sophomore Mindy Ong in third place. Trojan Colin Pilcher was second overall in the boys frosh/soph division.

“The weather held out fine with cool, dry conditions for the first three races but the weather took a turn for the worse in the varsity girls race as the skies opened up with a downpour in the last mile of the race,” Oak Ridge coach Rob Fairley said. “Despite the rain, six of the eight varsity girls tied or bettered their personal best times.”

The final Delta River League meet will be Saturday, Oct. 29, at the Willow Hills course in Folsom.

Listed below are the results for the El Dorado County runners.

Varsity boys: 1-Pleasant Grove, 44; 2-Oak Ridge, 61; 3-Jesuit, 62; 4-Folsom, 85; 5-Ponderosa, 114; 6-Sheldon, 140.

Individual: 5-Riley Ruppenthal, P, 16:20; 6-Dusty Armstrong, OR, 16:21; 11-Ryan Prestegart, OR, 16:28; 12-Evan Baxter, OR, 16:31; 15-Marcos Conde, OR, 16:38; 17-Jake Zeltner, OR, 16:41; 22-Josh Bolier, P, 16:56; 23-Zach Thornton, OR, 16:57; 26-Lee Skinner, P, 17:10; 27-Sean McHone, OR, 17:11; 29-TJ Holloway, P, 17:12; 34-Nick Prete, P, 17:19; 43-Charles Hedin, P, 18:05; 44-Austin Hangebrauk, P, 18:11.

Varsity girls: 1-St. Francis, 27; 2-Oak Ridge, 41; 3-Ponderosa, 80; 4-Pleasant Grove, 98; 5-Sheldon, 128.

Individual: 3-Ellie Velez, OR, 18:31; 4-Reaghan Emrick, OR, 18:40; 7-Maxine Goyette, OR, 18:56; 9-Christine Redor, P, 19:04; 10-Rachel Peterson, OR, 19:08; 16-Brooke Ruppenthal, P, 19:42; 17-Hannah O’Donnell, P, 19:43; 18-Holli Arrieta, OR, 19:43; 20-Mikayla Mefford, OR, 19:54; 22-Brittany Anselmo, P, 20:02; 24-Ashley Silveira, P, 20:15; 29-Maddie Dezordo, OR, 20:28; 45-Kayla Rush, P, 23:15; 55-Lauren Smith, P, 24:58.

Frosh/soph boys: 1-Jesuit, 27; 2-Oak Ridge, 35; 3-Pleasant Grove, 83; 4-Sheldon, 99; 5-Folsom, 122; 6-Ponderosa, 167.

Individual: 2-Colin Pilcher, OR, 12:34; 6-Jordan Hordesky, OR, 12:48; 8-JT Janecek, 12L57; 9-Nick Campanello, 12:58; 10-Alex Merry, 13;03; 16-Brett Ford, OR, 13;18; 24-Bret McNamee, OR, 13:37; 37-Nick Hunt, Pm 14;12; 38-Alex Johnson, P, 14:16; 41-Blake Tinney, P, 14;21; 48-Ethan Dodd, P, 15:12; 58-Nicolas Loth, P, 15:43; 64-Justin Camillo, P, 18:04.

Frosh/soph girls: 1-Oak Ridge, 31; 2-Sheldon, 35; 3-St. Francis, 66

Individual: 3-Mindy Ong, OR, 14:21; 5-Sami Kilcollins, OR, 14:55; 7-Whitney Wilhelmy, OR, 14:57; 9-Femke Keukenkamp, OR, 15:03; 10-Aishani Kumar, OR, 15:10; 12-Kennedi Rasmussen, OR, 15:22; 14-Allison Bamford, OR, 15:23; 23-Emily Hoffman, P, 15;54,


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