Trojans swim past Ponderosa

SHINGLE SPRINGS — The Oak Ridge high swim team posted dual varsity Delta River league victories over host Ponderosa last week, its boys toppling the Bruins 111-59 while the Trojan girls won 114-55.

Of the 11 timed events, the Oak Ridge boys won eight including all three relays while Ponderosa took first in three races.

Individual Trojan swimmers finishing first were Dylan Kubick twice, for the 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke, Garrison Yeandle (50 free), Trevor Dong (100 butterfly) and Brandon Mills (100 breaststroke).

The Bruins were led by “Mr. Ponderosa” Andy Cunningham who touched first in both the 200 Individual Medley and the 500 freestyle while Bruin Graham McClone swam his way to the 100 freestyle victory.

Oak Ridge’s winning margin on the girl’s side didn’t come from placing first in the majority of races. The Lady Trojans did win six to the Lady Bruins’ five but the difference where Oak Ridge racked up the points was its individuals and relay teams that placed second or third 20 out of a possible 22 times.

At one point the score was 15-all when Troy’s Kayla Rios, Annie Harriman and Kirsten Banks-Gwartney finished 1-2-3 as the visitors went up 28-18 and took off from there.

Rios also won the 100 butterfly and teamed with Harriman, Hannah Bensman and Madeline Velez to win the 400 free relay.

Eleanor Velez won the 500 free for Oak Ridge while Cypress took first in the 100 breaststroke.

The Bruins opened with a .79 second win in the 200 medley relay and individually had a pair of double winners in Taylor Lehr (200 free, 100 backstroke) and Alexandra Rader (50 free, 100 free).

Listed below are the top 3 finishers for each race.

Boys — 200 MR: 1-Dylan Kubick, Brandon Mills, Trevor Dong, Garrison Yeandle, OR, 1:42.63; 2-Connor Grubaugh, Zach Pickett, Andy Cunningham, Graham McClone, PHS, 1:47.00; 3-Ryan Dewanter, Kyle Bare, Joey Carney, Cameron Bullock, OR, 1:51.27.  200 free: 1-Kubick, OR, 1:51.44; 2-Carney, OR, 1:58.82; 3-Stephen Schrichfield, PHS, 2:02.24. 200 IM: 1-Andy Cunningham, PHS, 1:59.46; 2-Mills, OR, 1:59.73; 3-Josh Verner, OR, 2:10.88. 50 free: 1-Yeandle, OR, 22.66; 2-McClone, PHS, 22.74; 3-Billy Kennedy, PHS, 24.51. 100 fly: 1-Dong, OR, 57.5; 2-Carney, OR, 58.81; 3-Pickett, PHS, 59.77. 100 free: 1-McClone, PHS, 49.55; 2-Yeandle, OR, 49.8; 3-Spencer Harrison, PHS, 53.6. 500 free: 1-Cunningham, PHS, 4:56.55; 2-Dewante, OR, 5:07.49; 3-Corbin Gomez, OR, 5:15.30. 200 FR: 1-Verner, Everett Conrad, Dong, Yeandle, OR, 1:35.40; 2-B. Kennedy, Sean Geoghegan, Schrichfield, Harrison, PHS, 1:38.74; 3-Bryan Cole, Bullock, Austin Lee, Bare, OR, 1:39.47. 100 back: 1-Kubick, OR, 56.04; 2-Dewante, OR, 1:00.65; 3-Dong, OR, 1:01.29. 100 breast: 1-Mills, OR, 1:02.45; 2-Verner, OR, 1:06.44; 3-Conrad, OR, 1:12.83. 400 FR: 1-Verner, Conrad, Mills, Kubick, OR, 3:26.03; 2-Harrison, Pickett, McClone, Cunningham, PHS, 3:30.99; 3-Carney, Gomez, Dewante, Bare, oR, 3:45.09.

Girls — 200 MR: 1-Maisie Mora, Adrianne Dreese, Taylor Lehr, Alexandra Rader, PHS, 1:58.21; 2-Annie Harriman, Cypress Lampe, Madeline Velez, Hannah Bensman, OR, 1:59.00; 3-Briana Johnson, Kirsten Banks-Gwartney, Kayla Rios, Eleanor Velez, OR, 2:04.90. 200 free: 1-Lehr, PHS, 2:01.22; 2-M. Velez, OR, 2:04.82; 3-Bensman, OR, 2:12.55. 200 IM: 1-Rios, OR, 2:19.42; 2-Harriman, OR, 2:24.55; 3-Banks-Gwartney, OR, 2:31.92. 50 free: 1-Rader, PHS, 25.29; 2-Lampe, OR, 25.98; 3-Mikayla Mefford, OR, 26.57; 100 fly: 1-Rios, OR, 1:03.29; 2-M. Velez, OR, 1:04.62; 3-Bensman, OR, 1:05.12. 100 free: 1-Rader, PHS, 58.2; 2-Mefford, OR, 58.23; 3-Morgan Jones, OR, 59.7. 500 free: 1-E, Velez, OR, 5:51.79; 2-Johnson, OR, 5:55.02; 3-Corrina Jacobs, OR, 6:48.53. 200 FR: 1-Jones, Mefford, M. Velez, Lampe, OR, 1:48.50; 2-Savannah Day, Hanna Hill, Taylor Reeves, Mora, PHS, 1:55.77; 3-Amritz, Ashley Ulrrich, Payton Gates, Jacobs, OR, 1:55.80. 100 back: 1-Leht, PHS, 1:02.76; 2-Harriman, OR, 1:06.53; 3-Johnson, OR, 1:09.50. 100 breast: 1-Lampe, OR, 1:13.57; 2-Banks-Gwartney, OR, 1:15.76; 3-Shannon Kiss, OR, 1:19.48. 400 FR: 1-Harriman, Bensman, Rios, M. Velez, OR, 3:59.08; 2-Rader, Kylie Wiesner, Gabrielle Avallone, Lehr, PHS, 3:59.38; 3-Johnson, E. Velez, M. Jones, Amanda Jones. OR, 4:11.29.

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