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Financial Focus: Five tips for women business owners

Women are an integral part of the workforce, but they have had to overcome many obstacles along the way. Of course, challenges still remain, but women’s success in the working world is worth commemorating — which will happen on American Business Women’s Day, Sept. 22. Are you a woman considering “setting up shop” on your […]

Oak Ridge grad scoops on tech start-up

After discovering a void in the workout supplement market, military veteran and Oak Ridge High School graduate Benjamin Lowry is launching Scoop, which will allow users to customize their own workout supplements online. Lowry, 26, served five years in the Navy and completed three deployments to Afghanistan on a counterterrorism mission. A lifelong athlete, Lowry […]

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Financial Focus: Stay calm on the investment roller coaster

Unless you live near an amusement park that does a lot of advertising, you probably didn’t know that Aug. 16 is National Roller Coaster Day. Actual roller coasters provide people with thrills. But as an investor, how can you stay calm on the roller coaster of the financial markets? Here are some suggestions: Know what’s […]

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Financial Focus: Declare your financial Independence Day

It’s the 4th of July, when we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in this country. The U.S. Constitution grants us many of these liberties, but we have to earn others — such as our financial freedom. What steps can you take to achieve the financial independence you need to reach your long-term goals? For starters, […]

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Sky’s the limit at ‘The 10’

The 10 Soccer School recently opened in the El Dorado Hills Business Park and co-founder Fritz Libby said students are already seeing results.

Libby, an El Dorado Hills father of three who also brought Ethos Soccer Club to the region in 2011, said The 10 Soccer School fills a void, despite many soccer clubs in the region, explaining that it’s a club-neutral place for individual players to learn technical skills.

Financial Focus: Don’t let your investments take a “vacation”

It’s summer again — time for many of us to take a break and possibly hit the open road. But even if you go on vacation, you won’t want your investments to do the same — in summertime or any other season. How can you help make sure your portfolio continues to work hard for you all […]

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New laundromat opening in Cameron Park

Cameron Park has been without a laundromat for more than a year, but that’s about to change. Sierra Laundry, owned by El Dorado Hills residents Greg and Rita Ferrero, is opening a new location in Cameron Park this month in the shopping center at 3000 Green Valley Road. The facility will offer 18 large capacity washers and 24 […]

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