Financial Focus: Vote for smart investment moves

The presidential election is little more than a month away. Like all elections, this one has generated considerable interest, and, as a citizen, you may well be following it closely. But as an investor, how much should you be concerned about the outcome? Probably not as much as you might think. Historically, the financial markets […]

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Polytics elevates the conversation

In the midst of an election year that has created a great divide amongst voters and polarity between the two major parties, El Dorado Hills based software and services company Infosil Inc. has launched a new Chatcast app called Polytics, which allows users to have civilized discussions about political topics ranging from local to state […]

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Financial Focus: Investing: a marathon, not a sprint

Next week, the 2016 Summer Olympics begin in Rio de Janeiro. One of the most compelling events is the marathon, a 26.2-mile endurance contest with roots dating back to ancient Greece. It may be that we’ve kept our interest in the marathon because it can teach us much about life – and it certainly has […]

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EDH man launches Seals Watch Company

El Dorado Hills’ father Michael Seals has found his passion is actually wrapped around his wrist. Using Kickstarter, Seals raised more than $80,000 to start Seals Watch Company and his initial collection has been very well-received. Two of his loves joined forces when Seals’ hobby sketching World War II tanks became the basis for his wrist watch […]

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Financial Focus: Don’t keep family in the dark about your plans

You might work diligently at building a financial roadmap for your retirement years and a comprehensive estate plan. But you can’t just create these strategies — you also have to communicate them. Specifically, you need to inform your spouse and your grown children what you have in mind for the future — because the more they know, […]

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Financial Focus: Give your children the gift of (financial) knowledge

It’s almost Father’s Day. If you’re a dad with young children, you can expect some nice homemade cards and maybe even a baseball cap. But, of course, your greatest reward is spending time with your kids and watching them grow. In return, you can give them a gift – the gift of knowledge. Specifically, in […]

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Financial Focus: What can golf teach you about retirement planning?

If you’re a golfer, you know the joys (and occasional frustrations) of the game. But you might not realize that some of the lessons you learn on the links can carry over to other areas of your life – such as retirement planning. So whether you’re already retired or are planning to retire in the […]

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