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California Rambling: Wintering in the Carson Valley

When an area is overpopulated or forage is thin, wildlife will migrate elsewhere. This happened some years ago when young bald eagles discovered the Carson Valley in neighboring Douglas County, Nev. Now, each January and February, dozens of bald eagles return during their migration north to Canada. They’re attracted by the area’s relatively mild winter […]

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Taxpayers Association wants department heads to remain elected

EDITOR: On Jan. 9 at the regular meeting of the Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County the Board of Directors passed the following resolution: “This association believes that the seven elected county department heads provide a most efficient form of governance and management. Eliminating or combining any of these elected positions will decrease the power […]

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My Turn: Access to healthcare coverage

The 2016 election is behind us. America will inaugurate a new president and the federal government will transition to one-party control of the legislative and executive branches of government. That power transfer means we are headed for changes to federal healthcare laws. We don’t know what those changes will look like at this point. While […]

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Water, water everywhere

This month El Dorado County has received nearly 13 inches of rain since the ball dropped on New Year’s Day. That’s good news. What came along with the recent soaking storm, however, didn’t exactly leave people singing in the rain. Flooding, mudslides, downed trees, road closures and rescues made headlines and while we at Village Life are ready […]

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Ask a Care Manager: Avoiding a crisis

It is Monday and Mary is at work ready to start her day. As she is settling in, her office line rings and it is Peggy, her mom’s next-door neighbor. Peggy is concerned about Mary’s mom because she stopped by for a visit this morning and noticed several issues. Mary’s mom appeared un-showered, mail was […]

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Crib notes: What kids want most out of sports

My teenage son and his friends have rallied to play indoor soccer together during this rainy season. It’s low key and all about fun, which I credit to their coach, Ginger Swagerty. Before their first game, a group of them wanted to get pumped up for it. They walked to the store to buy energy […]

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EID employee costs far higher than claimed

EDITOR: In the El Dorado Irrigation District’s January newsletter to its 40,000 ratepayers and in a “My Turn” article in this newspaper, General Manager Jim Abercrombie asserts, “(EID’s) average personnel expense increase of 0.5 percent per year since 2010 is extraordinary, particularly since it has been achieved in the face of sharp, ongoing increases in […]

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