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Hidahl for supervisor

EDITOR: As a resident of El Dorado Hills for 38 years, John Hidahl has served in many important leadership positions including our fire board, the El Dorado County Parks and Recreation Department, El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee and most recently he has been leading the charge to save our open space, including the […]

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Hartley and Giraudo have my vote

EDITOR: I am an El Dorado Hills professional firefighter and EDH resident who proudly supports Jim Hartley and John Giraudo. This is why: These candidates are experts in the fire and emergency services field with more than 60 years of combined service to their communities. I support them because they know what the fire service requires […]

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Re-elect Alan Day to the EID board

EDITOR: Alan Day is running for the El Dorado Irrigation District board seat for Division 5, which is El Dorado Hills. I’ve attended 10 to 15, maybe more, EID board meetings over the last three years. I can assure you that Alan is a fiscal conservative who is very careful about how the district spends money. He is trying […]

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Publisher’s Ink: The return of the outhouse — the ultimate restroom solution

Guseppi DePasqule, my great-grandfather, sold fish from the back of a horse-drawn wagon in upstate New York. Life along the Erie Canal in the 1900s was a bit harsher than we’re accustomed to today. Of course, I wasn’t around to experience it but as a youngster I do recall seeing a dilapidated outhouse behind his […]

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Time for balanced fire board

EDITOR: With utmost respect to Mr. Hartley and Mr. Giraudo for their service to their communities as well as to every El Dorado Hills professional firefighter supporting them, I do want to point out that these two individuals, if elected, would continue a tradition of special interest on the El Dorado Hills Fire Board. The fire […]

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John Hidahl is my choice

EDITOR: John Hidahl is a 40-year resident of our community and has raised his family here and cares very much about the direction of our community. It only makes sense that we elect a candidate that is from our area and one that is truly connected to our area. John has worked with the El […]

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My Turn: Pay no attention …

In the 1939 musical comedy “The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy and her dog Toto are launched into an adventure. On her journey to the Emerald City Dorothy meets and befriends the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. The Wizard sends them on a quest with the reward and promise of a return home for Dorothy, a […]

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