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Heaven and Earth

EDITOR: Have you heard about the NASA satellite called TIROS-1? Over 50 years ago it provided the first pictures of the whole Earth. For the first time we knew the weather all over the globe. We knew when and where the hurricanes formed, how fast they moved and where they would land. A new era began: Using […]

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Garden Guru: Giant Sequoias

Do you ever have friends or relatives visit from out of town for a week or more and wonder how you can possibly entertain them? Maybe a trip to the beach? A visit to San Francisco to ride a cable car and some fresh crab at Fisherman’s Wharf? How about a trip to Coloma to see […]

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Crib notes: You know you’re from EDH if …

I’m 100 miles from where I grew up in the Bay Area, but in the 14 years since we started our family in El Dorado Hills I’ve thought a lot about what makes where a person lives unique. For me it was things like hiking Mt. Diablo, water skiing in the Delta and living near […]

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My Turn: Ganned if you do; Ganned if you don’t

From the same governor who brought you the illegal fire tax now comes a plan to blow the top off California’s spending cap and leave taxpayers on the hook for tens of billions in extra taxes. It’s a bad idea that fractures the faith between citizens and government and spells trouble for California’s fiscal future. […]

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My Turn: Things are heating up in Serrano

Well, it’s that time again. We’ve got another Serrano Homeowners Association Board of Directors election looming and it’s again shaping up to be a battle for control, with homeowners vying with the developer for control of their HOA. But it’s coupled with a few extra wrinkles: A small claims court action and a major lawsuit […]

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Genuinely concerned

EDITOR: I tried to ignore last week’s letter regarding “Hands caught in the cookie jar” but simply couldn’t, given its misinformation and biases. Let me state at the outset that I too was appalled with the DNC and its actions during last year’s primary election process. I considered it unconscionable and a serious breach of […]

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My Turn: Emergency conditions and EID’s dedicated workers

As I write this column, the El Dorado Irrigation District has teams deployed addressing multiple emergency projects. Some are engaged in an emergency sewer line fix; others are cutting roads into remote hilltops to enable access to damaged flume and canal sections. Some of those flume and canal sections will only be accessible by helicopter because […]

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