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Abundant autumn activities in our own backyard

Getting outside the four walls of daily assaults on our sensibilities is not only healthy, it adds meaning and zest to life. Now that fall is officially here, it’s time to get outside and away from the chaos. Charge the batteries. Embrace the good things in life. Big Crush This weekend, Oct. 1–2, is the […]

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Find fresh fruit and family fun at Apple Hill

Labor Day weekend is behind us. The kids and grandkids are in school. The days are alternating between warm and cooler. Sunsets are earlier. The rhythms of autumn are here. And so are time-honored local traditions. One of these hallowed customs is an annual trip up the hill to Apple Hill. A little history Sixteen […]

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Folsom Lake Symphony will have you Dancin’ in the Street

Put on your dancing shoes, the Folsom Lake Symphony is kicking off the 2016–2017 season in Town Center with a selection of toe-tapping favorites that will have you Dancin’ in the Street. The annual symphony al fresco is on Thursday, Sept. 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Steven Young Amphitheater in El Dorado Hills. It […]

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Master Food Preservers: What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen

One of the first unofficial lessons UCCE Master Food Preservers learn is there are few failures, just product redefinitions. Jams and jellies that refuse to set are relabeled syrup; if they set too hard they become candy. If a jar doesn’t seal, it goes in the fridge. However, there are strict processing rules as defined […]

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California Museum tells the story of Golden State voting

If you think this year’s election cycle is wild and wooly, you ain’t seen nuthin’ ’til you see the featured exhibit at The California Museum in Sacramento. A chronicle of over 165 years of the Golden State’s election history, the exhibit explores the evolution of how Californians vote. From campaign materials to ballots to voting […]

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Grow for it!: Don’t miss the big “demonstration”

Kate Halvorson UCCE Master Gardener of El Dorado County There’s a weekly demonstration in El Dorado County that you shouldn’t miss: It’s free and guaranteed to “plant” passion in your soul. The demonstration is the UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County’s Sherwood Demonstration Garden, located behind Folsom Lake College – El Dorado Center, 6699 […]

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