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The emperor has no clothes

EDITOR: When I read in this paper that “most companies pay 39 percent income tax” my first thought was whether Donald Trump pays that much? Of course (officially) we don’t know because, unlike all other presidents in last 50 years, Trump chose to hide that information. And there lies the problem with “conservative fiscal hawks.” […]

Ask a Care Manager: Changing the conversation about ageism

Free samples allure us often; it might be down the Costco aisle, a popular television commercial, an ad on social media or at popular events. At a recent fair I attended I received a free sample of “anti-aging” products, along with other older adults, who were hooked by the spiel. Normally I would have declined, but I […]

My Turn: State budget short-changes rural counties

The majority party recently enacted the largest budget in California state history. I truly hoped leadership would craft a fiscally prudent measure, prioritizing money for rural California. Unfortunately that did not happen. Once again, the urban agenda wins, ignoring the critical issues affecting my rural district. Sacramento has increased spending significantly and continues to bolster […]

Garden Guru: Sierra wildflower walks

Summer officially started June 20 but the annual Sierra wildflower display is just beginning. High snowfall winters are almost always followed by a better than average wildflower bloom, so this season is promising to be a great one for wildflower lovers. I want to share some of my favorite places where you can see lots […]

Crib Notes: How people get their politics

I heard a news pundit recently say that the reason America is so divided is because we’ve become too focused on political doctrine at the expense of community. In other words, we’ve become hyper-focused on ideas but we aren’t taking the time to get to know our neighbors. If we did, we would realize we […]

My Turn: Tax reform — the next food fight?

Nothing seems to happen in Washington, D.C., without a political food fight. We have issues, such as tax reform, that require adult debate and discussion. The November 2016 election was about the economy. Lack of adequate skills and education holds many people back but anemic economic growth can be improved with better tax policy. Where […]

EDC Republican Party opposes SB 54

EDITOR: In March Placerville City Councilwoman Wendy Thomas put a resolution on the city council’s agenda that opposes Senate Bill 54. If passed by the state Legislature, SB 54 would make California a so-called “sanctuary state.” In reality, California would not become a sanctuary at all, but a safe haven for hardened criminals who are […]

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