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Deceitful Democratic candidate forum

EDITOR: I attended the candidate forum in Cameron Park to see if the Democrats had anything to offer besides their traditional identity politics and spending policies. They did not. The candidates — Morse, Calderon, and Bateson — offered the same worn out ideas: Medicare for everyone, free college tuition and more education spending. These candidates […]

Ask a Care Manager: What is long-term care insurance?

My parents purchased a long-term care insurance policy some years back. My father is in the hospital and my mother is worried about being able to care for him. I know Medicare will help with physical therapy, nurses’ visits, occupational therapy, speech therapy and/or a social worker for several weeks after discharge but know covered […]

Message from EID: Conservative financial planning pays off

As the El Dorado Irrigation District gets closer to completing its yearly update to the five-year capital improvement plan, this is an important moment to think about the immense interconnected complex of infrastructure that makes EID’s services so reliable — and what it takes to keep them that way. EID is caring for a system […]

Crib Notes: The love is thicker

It still gives her chills to think what could have happened if her neighbor hadn’t called when she did, awaking my sister and brother-in-law out of a solid sleep. It was 1 a.m. on Oct. 9. Their home was in Santa Rosa, in the Mark West subdivision, a neighborhood that had existed for more than […]

My Turn: California’s tax-and-spend cycle continues

The California Legislature has descended into policy madhouse where decisions defy every bit of fiscal and economic common sense and serve to put working-class people in the poorhouse. Case in point is this year’s tax-heavy legislative session, where the ruling party took breaks from abusing President Trump only long enough to pass bills making California […]

EID water is real problem

EDITOR: Folsom moving south of Highway 50 into El Dorado Hills is worse than traffic. Folsom has law, Measure W (water) that mandates a new water supply for S50. W says all those “north of Highway 50” won’t lose their American River water to S50 Folsom. State Water Board May 11, 2017, wrote Folsom a […]

Kiley’s Corner: California cannot remain a sanctuary state

If there is one thing Californians agree on, it is that our elected officials focus too much on political posturing and too little on the public interest. This penchant for putting political theatrics over sound public policy reached a new low with the Legislature’s recent passage of a bill making California a “Sanctuary State.” Senate […]

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