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My Turn: Taking away democracy

First, my congratulations to Bill Schultz — our retiring, elected El Dorado County recorder-clerk and registrar of voters. Bill has done an honorable job over the years in his office, including making sure our elections and the democratic process are fair and above-board in our county. That’s why he was reelected several times. His will […]

Ask a Care Manager: Starting the conversation

When I was growing up my mom always said “You need to make a lot of money so you can take care of me when I’m old.” As a child, it went in one ear and out the other. I now understand and one day might be telling my children the same. Within our line of work […]

My Turn: Our future is bright

To watch the news is to imagine a politically-obsessed America pulling apart at the seams, with opponents mobbing up and attacking each other at every turn and the two parties and their talking-head proxies endlessly screaming at each other about the real meaning of President Trump’s tweets. It’s a phony picture. The essence of this […]

Public apology

EDITOR: This letter starts with a long overdue public apology — one I should have made years ago. While serving on the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors I appointed Greg Prada to serve on a citizens’ rate study committee. This was a huge mistake — one I have regretted ever since. While on […]

Saratoga Estates support?

EDITOR: The new development under construction along the El Dorado County/Sacramento County border, just north of U.S. 50, is concerning. The only people who I have been able to determine approve and support this development are of course the developer and the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. This is disturbing. Why are elected officials […]

Crib Notes: Integrity abounds

There has been so much loss lately, so much heartache. Millions of our fellow Americans who live in hurricane zones have had to evacuate, only to have their homes and their security wash away in the floods that Harvey and Irma unleashed. Two tragedies have affected our community here. The fourth Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy […]

Billingsley’s Bullets: The art of growing old

As you age, you become more intolerant of boring people and boring activities. We are taught to always be patient with boring people. Listen to them until you are blue in the face or until you scream, “I have to go now!” Also, we are taught that it is impolite to leave a boring cocktail […]

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