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Don’t sign the petition

By From page A5 | January 29, 2014


The usual suspects are at it again. Bill Center and his acolytes — John Hidahl, Ellen Van Dyke, Shiva Frentzen and Howard Penn. These folks are not talking slow growth, they are talking NO GROWTH!

What does that mean for El Dorado Hills? Retail businesses with no new business, churches with no new believers, schools with no new students, sports teams with no new athletes and service clubs with no new members. I don’t like the vision of our businesses having to leave our area to prosper.

A friend of mine just closed his We Olive store and moved to Sutter Street in Folsom — doubled his business overnight. So this no growth leadership wants to see boarded up businesses and those who don’t board up just barely survive? Well I don’t want to see that.

I listened to Center’s speech to the supervisors and heard his distortions and misinformation about our traffic patterns. Center conveniently left out the Elk Grove connector, the extension of Saratoga Way to Iron Point, the new Silva Valley interchange and the five-year Capital Improvement Projects by the state, the county of Sacramento and city of Folsom to Highway 50.

We have Level of Service F (LOS-F) when traffic drops below 53 miles per hour or there are a certain number of cars per mile traveling at any speed. This turns out to be .36 percent of the time. Yes, that is .36 percent, not 36% of the time. That is over a period of time of about 6,500 hours (nine months) we have LOS-F for 30 hours. This is only on a section of road from El Dorado Hills Boulevard to the Sacramento County line, about 500 yards.

His proposal is to shut down El Dorado Hills, and with that Folsom can prosper.

Where is the initiative to shut down building 12,800 units in Sacramento County/Folsom south of Highway 50? Oh, that’s right, Center has a different agenda for that land.

The conclusion here is: DON’T SIGN THE PETITION and if you are a business don’t allow the petition people on your property. Center may want this county in turmoil but we don’t.

Steve Ferry
El Dorado Hills

Letter to the Editor

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  • Jon JakowatzJanuary 23, 2014 - 1:17 pm

    ALL the voters should have a say... sign the petition!

  • VernJanuary 27, 2014 - 6:01 pm

    Steve Ferry Folsom Lake Realty.

  • Just so tired of being bullied in EDH...January 23, 2014 - 1:51 pm

    Writing this from my heart I can tell you that for me moving from the bay area to EDH just over 5 years ago was both a good and bad move. Sadly, more bad than good. I remember sitting in my office back in the bay area and looking at houses to invest and to buy into in the Sacramento area. I then found the Serrano website and fell in love with it's beautiful surroundings on the outside. We then began to travel here to see. Next we built our Serrano home after traveling all over with a realtor to see all of EDH. I went into some of the older homes built long ago. Next we walked through the model homes in Serrano. It felt like we were being pulled in. We then built back in 2004 after many travels back and forth. We then moved int the home full time just over 5 years ago. It was wonderful at first. Our family got involved, plugged in as some pastors would put it. Many people were very nice and welcoming to us, our children too. Again, we felt pulled in. We volunteered, and went to all the events EDH had to offer. Soon I began to socialize. I began to meet more & more people. We were being pulled in. As I met some it was some of the people that made very disturbing comments to me. Some would say; "I wish people who moved here from the bay area would leave!" Some told me they wished I would leave, go back where you came from!" I was even told my one woman at a sporting event at the CSD that she was born here, and her mom was boron here. She asked me where I lived. I knew she already knew. Yet, I was nice and told her I lived in Serrano. She immediately began to speak out vial mean and horrible things about Serrano to me that all those who lived in Serrano were nothing but white trash! She also said many in EDH felt that Serrano homes were cheap, and the people living in Serrano homes were cheap white trash." I used to answer my phone but now I never answer my phone. I began to feel a real hatred type bullying coming at me from so many in EDH that acted like my friend but when they would call me it was anger and hatred I felt and heard coming from so many over my phone lines. One woman who was a leader in the community I had a friendship with would call me continuously late at night drunk or on drugs, and high on something as she would yell and shout and become angry over the phone as she ripped into me and so many in the community. Sadly she was a realtor, and this was not her norm during the day. The residents that were here for a long time and/or were decedents from past families who came long before were very angry at me. I would hear some tell me that they wished all those who moved here from the bay area would leave! Go back! Go back where you all came from! We don't want you hear! I also was told that all Serrano people who lived in the Serrano homes were nothing but white trash. I was also told to my face that Serrano homes were nothing but cheap white trash built homes. Even though the people that said these things to me and more had a smile on their face, but I could see that inside of them they were not smiling. I was being bullied as they spoke to me. I could see, and I could feel they were full of hatred for me for even coming here and they bullied me for living here in EDH. I felt the rejection from so many over the years. To protect myself I began to shop and do my errands far away outside of EDH. My son in high school told me he had to ignore the snarls and sneers from some of the kids who hated him. My other son in high school was so glad to finally leave and go off to college. He has been gone for 2 years, and he does not like to come back to visit EDH. My eye doctor who has his practice out of town told me he was thinking of buying a home in Serrano, because he though it was so beautiful. I was heartbroken as I listened to him, because I realized he too was being pulled in. I know because I was him back in 2004. I was bullied, and I did not want him to be pulled in and bullied like I was, and I then told him all of this. He listened as I warned him of how I had been treated, and bullied by so many, including teachers, principles, and town people. I told him all of this because I did not want him to go through what I had gone through. He told me he had been looking in Serrano, and thought he had found something. The next time I saw him he said he had bought in Folsom instead. Thank God!

  • Rural RedFebruary 02, 2014 - 9:02 pm

    I am so sad to see this misinformation come from Steve Ferry. The real estate community needs to realize that this is a good thing for them. The developers have clouded his good sense and I believe we all need to give the Ferry's and Folsom Lake Realty a second chance before alienating their business altogether. 33,000 additional homes sounds very convincing to propell any realestate agent into record teritory for sales until they realize that those additional homes are going to drive down pricing and kill existing home sales. The developers have thier own sales agents so RE agents aren't going to see sales up front. And as all that live here have seen, the flood of homes in Serrano fell the quickest in the decline in the housing market. Agents spent a lot of money marketing these homes for little comissions (if sales at all) on what they could sell. Mr. Center is not pitching no growth with this. He's directing the county to fix our infrastructure before it collapses on us all. When they have done this there are no restrictions on development. Get it........? The more houses that flood our county, there will be more traffic, less rural feel in our communities and the price of housing will be driven down with the flood of inventory on the market. Lower prices mean lower commisions for brokers and agents alike. Parker, Tsakopoulos, Monsour (except for his business dealings) , CTA Engineering, th Business Alliance, Krotkin, Kimley-Horn.... are all names to beware of. If they are backing it...back away. My appologies to Steve and his family if they find this offensive, but seriously, think about who's pulling your strings.....and how many of us could/would tell everyone how you are bing played and how easy it would be for the community to turn tail on your business. Start thinking about how economic development will bring buyers to this area and get behind those efforts. We'll respect you for that. Respect = referrals........

  • EllenFebruary 03, 2014 - 1:52 am

    SIGN THE PETITION! Traffic on Hwy 50 is not a figment of your imagination. Caltrans confirmed the Measure Y data in September , and it doesn't matter how many times Mr. Ferry repeats the misinformation, it will not change that fact. The rezoning of our open space and rural lands to accommodate high density subdivisions must end. The initiative does NOT stop development of existing parcels; read it for yourself! The newly adopted Housing Element is not affected. El Dorado County- and El Dorado Hills- had better not sleep through this argument, and had best not fall victim to scare tactics by developers and real estates agents.

  • Leslie DavisFebruary 28, 2014 - 2:35 pm

    SIGN THE PETITIONS......Right now over 8,700 new homes and hundreds of apartments are in the planning stage between Shingle Springs and EDH. Here are the real numbers: If we do nothing this is what is coming to EDC: • San Stino, (Shingle Springs) over 1,000 homes • Lime Rock Valley (Hwy 50 & Bass Lake Rd) 800 homes • Marble Valley (Hwy 50, Bass Lake Rd & Cambridge Rd) - 3,236 homes • Blackstone - (Latrobe Road EDH) 2,840 homes • Serrano Westside (EDH Golf Course) 763 homes; Condos & Apartments • Pedregal - (Gillette Dr. & Wilson Blvd, EDH) 56 homes & Apartments • Town Center West – (EDH – White Rock & Latrobe) 3 story bldg. with 130 apts • Tilden Park - (Shingle Springs) 14 homes; hotel; restaurant; food market; multi-level commercial building; 4,455 daily car trips added to Ponderosa Road & Hwy 50. Make your voice be heard and let the people decide what your county will become. Take that control from the hands of the BOS and Developers. Petitions will be up at Pete's Restaurant in EDH; Safeway in Cameron Park and P'ville; Gold Harvest in Shingle Springs. (go to our FB page: Shingle Springs Community Alliance)

  • sunshineMarch 07, 2014 - 8:07 am

    Steve Ferry wants only his kind of change. He and Auditor-Controller Joe Harn work very, very hard to STOP El Dorado Hills from becoming their own city. They took their direction from the development community, who did not want another layer of government to contend with. Steve and Harn have a very specialized agenda and it is Not for the benefit of the residents.



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