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The Leftism is in remission and we are going home

EDITOR: The Tea Party Patriots of El Dorado Hills is sending its militia/supporters home. We got together in 2010 to protect the Constitution of the United States because we knew our basic constitutional freedoms were under assault. We watched helplessly as President Obama moved the Affordable Care Act and its 28,000 pages of text, regulations […]

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EID fiscal irresponsibility

EDITOR: El Dorado Irrigation District rates have more than doubled in the last seven years yet EID management wants board approval to continue gouging its ratepayers and increase 2017-18 rates fully 30 times the 0.3 percent increase in 2016-17 Social Security payments. EID management’s proposed 2017-18 operating budget includes median $131,000 per employee compensation with benefits […]

November 30, 2016 | Posted in Letters to the Editor | Tagged ,

Teachers union offers anti-Trump lesson plan

EDITOR: It was with horror that I read in the Sacramento Bee the morning of Thursday, Nov. 17, on page 6A that a union representing San Francisco’s Public school teachers is circulating a classroom lesson plan that calls President-elect Donald Trump a racist and sexist man. The United Educators of San Francisco posted the plan […]

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District 1 election

EDITOR: I had the pleasure, with many more community members, to support John Hidahl for District 1 supervisor. It was a true grassroots effort that spoke loudly about who we wanted to represent us in our district. Many community volunteers rallied around the one candidate that will fight the over-development of our region and the […]

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EDH Library needs support

EDITOR: El Dorado Hills has one of the best libraries in the state. Our library is innovative, informative and a vibrant community asset. One of the reasons our library has become a shining jewel in our community and an example to libraries elsewhere is because of the support of the Friends of the Library organization. […]

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Beth Gaines unavailable

EDITOR: I’ve attempted to call and contact Beth Gaines for the last several days and despite leaving a message and phone number she has yet to contact me. In fact, after discussing this same fact with others, they also have had similar problems with Ms. Gaines not contacting her constituents. She claims to have an […]

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Vote local: Hidahl for supervisor

EDITOR: The election for District 1 supervisor provides a clear and distinct choice between a long time resident John Hidahl and a current state assemblywoman who very recently moved to District 1 in order to be eligible to run for supervisor. John has lived in El Dorado Hills for 38 years and knows our community […]

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