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Crib notes: You know you’re in EDH update

It’s been fun hearing from readers since the last Crib Notes was published, adding things to the You know you’re in EDH if…list. If you recall, I couldn’t help starting a list since we moved here more than 14 years ago because so many things are unique to El Dorado Hills alone. I appreciate your […]

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Healthcare in America

EDITOR: Failure to overhaul Obamacare was heralded by the left as a great victory for Americans. Are we so delusional that we don’t understand that Obamacare was created to get a government controlled plan without consideration of the financial and social costs? Unforgettable quotes came out of the process with no Republican support: Nancy Pelosi: […]

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Publisher’s Ink: Lowering the voter age would bring more uninformed voters to the polls

California Democrat Assemblyman Evan Low representing Cupertino has authored a constitutional amendment allowing 17-year-olds to vote. Of course the amendment would have to be approved by a statewide vote. California already allows 16-year-olds to pre-register and 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they are 18 by Election Day. “It’s really about civics and the habits […]

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This is America

EDITOR: This is America. We vote for the best people we can find to represent us. What happens to them when they go to Washington? Consider President Trump. I was devastated when he ordered the Syrian air base near Homs to be bombed, but I can’t judge him. I don’t know the pressure he is […]

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My Turn: What does ‘buy local’ really mean?

You hear “buy local” routinely. I believe that we all understand the importance of buying local. You know for every dollar spent in our local economy 66 cents is retained and recirculated right here. You understand sales tax and how that part of those dollars funnel back into our schools and law enforcement. Part of […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets

Bionic Bob is on the way Recently a surgeon told me it may be time to replace my right knee. I have bone-on-bone on the right side of my knee and plenty of arthritis on the left side. A new knee may be an unexpected gift. I always wanted to be 6-foot-3. When they’re operating […]

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Ask a Care Manager: Autism — the latest research

Johnny has been diagnosed with autism. He is 12 years old and non-verbal. Mom and Dad are exhausted because Johnny is not sleeping. Johnny regularly goes to school and has one-on-one help with his studies because he struggles. Paisley is also 12 years old and has been diagnosed as autistic. Paisley is very smart and obsesses […]

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