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Billingsley’s Bullets

Bionic Bob is on the way Recently a surgeon told me it may be time to replace my right knee. I have bone-on-bone on the right side of my knee and plenty of arthritis on the left side. A new knee may be an unexpected gift. I always wanted to be 6-foot-3. When they’re operating […]

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Ask a Care Manager: Autism — the latest research

Johnny has been diagnosed with autism. He is 12 years old and non-verbal. Mom and Dad are exhausted because Johnny is not sleeping. Johnny regularly goes to school and has one-on-one help with his studies because he struggles. Paisley is also 12 years old and has been diagnosed as autistic. Paisley is very smart and obsesses […]

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Thank you for another successful year

EDITOR: We are excited to announce that the 2017 Oak Ridge Sports Boosters Blue & Gold Event raised more than $106,000. Because of the generosity of supporters like you, this was the second highest grossing Blue & Gold Event in Oak Ridge history. Whether you attended, donated or volunteered, your continued commitment to Oak Ridge High School sports shined again and we can’t thank […]

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My Turn: A Serrano homeowner’s side

Large scale developments like Serrano are highly regulated by the California Bureau of Real Estate. Extensive documentation is submitted to the BRE for review and approval at every step. First time buyers are given the BRE’s Final Public Report that describes the property and tells them how much the beginning homeowners dues will be among […]

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Heaven and Earth

EDITOR: Have you heard about the NASA satellite called TIROS-1? Over 50 years ago it provided the first pictures of the whole Earth. For the first time we knew the weather all over the globe. We knew when and where the hurricanes formed, how fast they moved and where they would land. A new era began: Using […]

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Garden Guru: Giant Sequoias

Do you ever have friends or relatives visit from out of town for a week or more and wonder how you can possibly entertain them? Maybe a trip to the beach? A visit to San Francisco to ride a cable car and some fresh crab at Fisherman’s Wharf? How about a trip to Coloma to see […]

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Crib notes: You know you’re from EDH if …

I’m 100 miles from where I grew up in the Bay Area, but in the 14 years since we started our family in El Dorado Hills I’ve thought a lot about what makes where a person lives unique. For me it was things like hiking Mt. Diablo, water skiing in the Delta and living near […]

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