Message from the GM: Emergency repairs and financial strengths

As I near my ninth anniversary with the El Dorado Irrigation District I am humbled and energized by the dedication of our employees who work tirelessly to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services to our customers. I am proud of the response of the men and women at our agency and the contracting […]

My Turn: Rescuing America’s healthcare system

Lower premiums, increased choices and improved care — these were the promises made to America by those who imposed Obamacare. Exactly the opposite has happened. Last year premiums increased an average of 25 percent and this year we’re warned they’ll increase 40 percent. Last year only one provider remained in a third of American counties. This year entire […]

Billingsley’s Bullets: Do not hang with cheapskates

Cheapskates are expensive to maintain. They become paralyzed when it’s time to pay the dinner bill or when it’s time to pay for the movie tickets. Cheapskates lose their voices when the waitress says, “Who gets the bill?” Slow motion in movies was invented by frugal addicts. A movie producer observed a few cheapskates reaching, […]

My Turn: Single-payer healthcare

Are you ready for California to double your taxes? What about triple or quadruple them? A bill currently making its way through the state Legislature could push tax rates up beyond imagination, making us tax serfs to the state and driving hundreds of thousands of jobs out of California. Senate Bill 562, the “California Healthcare […]

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Ask a Care Manager: Alcohol and the older adult

Alcohol has quite the history and not all of it is filled with kittens and puppy dog tails.  In the 1920s Congress submitted the 18th Amendment, which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors, for state ratification. Many citizens hated alcohol due to car accidents, addiction, using too much wheat, a decrease in efficient […]

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Garden Guru: A beautiful parasite

My spring activities usually include hitting the Sierra trails for day hikes or overnight backpacking trips. As the snow melts the underlying mountain meadows and wildflowers spring to life and put on their annual show. Mother Nature has postponed this year’s wildflower display with an abundant snow pack we so badly needed. When the snow […]

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My Turn: Understanding our budget

On June 2 I delivered to the Board of Supervisors and publicly released El Dorado County’s recommended budget. The 422-page document deserves some context. In theory, crafting a budget should be a relatively simple endeavor. You add up the money that comes in, subtract the cost of mandated programs that must be paid for and, if […]

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