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Senior News: April 2016

Spring has sprung! I hope you are enjoying our bright green El Dorado Hills as much as I am. In about two weeks you will receive the summer edition of the El Dorado Hills Community Services District Activity Guide, which has 11 jam-packed pages of events and activities coming soon to a Senior Center near you. Check […]

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Embrace diversity

EDITOR: We are Oak Ridge High School parents who are angered and disappointed by the behavior of certain ORHS fans at the recent girls basketball game between ORHS and McClatchy High School. We are deeply disturbed that these fans felt it acceptable to hurl racial taunts and general insults about appearance toward players on the […]

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March Madness … and there’s plenty of it out there

March Madness began March 15 and now 16 of the 64 college basketball teams are left and will fight for the national championship title. On the political court the madness between the remaining six presidential contenders started long before the Ides of March. For years people have demanded change in Washington. “We need a businessman to run […]

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Don’t paint our youth with a broad brush

El Dorado Hills’ teenagers and young adults have made a few headlines over the last week — and not in a good way. It started with allegations that teenage spectators at the Oak Ridge High School varsity girls basketball game shouted racial slurs at McClatchy High School players during a late-February home game. Add to […]

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My Turn: Broken Windows 2.0

Broken Windows theory was introduced in 1982 by social scientists James Wilson and George Kelling. The theory states that law enforcement targeting minor crimes helps to create an atmosphere of lawfulness, thereby preventing more serious crimes. Kelling was hired as a consultant in New York City in 1985 and the theory was put in practice over the […]

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Ask a Care Manager: Ensuring proper nutrition

Have you ever had a loved one who eats too much or doesn’t eat much at all? When cleaning out their refrigerator do you find old meat or spoiled milk? I don’t doubt that all of you have experienced taking care of someone who you know would benefit from a healthy diet. Many factors play a role […]

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Supervisor Mikulaco and roads

EDITOR: Supervisor Ron Mikulaco acted like the worst of politicians in his letter to the editor on March 7. Rather than own his votes to gut General Fund spending on road maintenance, he tried to confuse the facts. The facts are simple: He and the four other county supervisors voted to gut all General Fund […]

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